QAEngine updateFrom QAEngine v2.0.5, admin can turn off the Pump Question on Q&A site, multiple bugs are fixed as well

Improvements – Turn off the Pump Question on Q&A Site

From QAEngine v2.0, Pump Question is added to push users’ questions to the top of a site. As a result, this question is able to get more attention and quickly answered by the community.

However, some of you might not want to use this Pump feature. From this version, you can choose to disable it on your Q&A site.

In Dashboard, go to Engine Settings > Setting > Pump Question to edit.

QAE 2.0.5 - pump

Bug fixes – Captcha can appear in Create a Poll tab, display the exact number of QA Related Questions, and others

“Uploading” status is added when inserting the image

Previously, when the author inserted an image in the Ask a Question section, there was no signal for the uploading progress. From this version, the “Uploading” status will show up until the image is successfully uploaded.

QAE 2.0.5 - uploading

Captcha can display in Create a Poll tab

In fact, multiple reCAPTCHAs cannot appear on a single page. Thus, you might catch the problem that the Captcha was not displayed in “Create a Poll” tab since it had already appeared in the “Ask a Question” one. From this version, captchas are displayed in both tabs. Go to Engine Settings > Setting > Captcha to either enable or disable Google reCaptcha.

QAE 2.0.5 - captcha back-end

Set Google reCaptcha in the back-end

QAE 2.0.5 - captcha in front-end

Captcha displays in “Create a Poll” tab

Display the exact number of QA Related Questions

In widgets, you can set QA Related Questions displaying in the left sidebar. However, this feature did not work properly before since the results were cached for the day and the cache depended on the first open question. As a result, it occurred a bug; the number of related questions based on category and tag did not match with the number that you desired or set in back-end. The problem has been fixed in this version.

In Dashboard, go to Appearance > Widgets > Select QA Related Questions in the Left Sidebar section to edit.

QAE 2.0.5 - widget

Set QA Related Questions in the back-end

QAE 2.0.5 - related question

The number of question displays properly in Related Questions

Syncing a number of tags between desktop & mobile version

Before, when creating a question, the author could only add 3 tags in mobile version meanwhile 5 tags could be added to the desktop. From now on, 5 feature tags are available in both versions.

Translation Support

Some of you might have caught problems since several words were not able to be translated into your mother tongue. In QAEngine v2.0.5, some texts are added. Particularly, “more answer”, “end day” in “Create a poll” tab; and “sign in with” in modal login.

Other bug fixes:

  • With the Arabic language, your site would automatically switch to RTL (Right to Left) site. In that case, the dropdown filter menu no longer works. In QAEngine v2.0.5, this bug is fixed.
  • Pagination error is also solved in this version. Previously, in Votes and Unanswered tabs, the next and previous pagination link did not work when the user clicked on the page number. It reloaded that page with the same article listing. From now on, this bug no longer exists.

QAE 2.0.5 - page


  • When you created two continuous polls, elements of the first poll were located in the second poll in previous versions. This problem is also fixed in this update.
  • In QAEngine v2.0.5, categories are displayed seamlessly in “Create a Poll” tab. See the picture below:

QAE 2.0.5 - category

  • [Mobile] With this update, the maximum length of title works properly in the mobile version. In Dashboard, the admin goes to Engine Settings > Setting > Content to set this one.

QAE 2.0.5 - number title

View QAEngine v2.0.5 Changelogs.

Above are all improvements as well as bug fixes in QAEngine v2.0.5. For further help, please contact

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