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This QAEngine version includes new feature development, greater compatibility and email template integration to better support SEO and create smoother user flow, especially on mobile version & on Firefox.

SEO support with Schema Markup and Yoast SEO Plugin

QAEngine update

This latest QAEngine version is expected to significantly boost SEO since Schema Markup is added for question item, blog, question detail, blog detail, user profile, user item web pages.

Schema is a type of microdata that tells search engine what your content means, making it easier for search engine to interpret the information and serve relevant results to users based on search queries. Hence, it increases chance that your website may rank better in result pages.

Regarding the huge SEO potential of Schema markup, only 0.3% of all websites so far have utilized this data, according to Searchmetrics. Therefore, using Schema markup for your question & answer WordPress website helps you get ahead in the vast majority of your competition.

Not only is Schema markup added but Yoast SEO is also improved in QAEngine version 1.6. Needless to say, Yoast SEO Plugin is the most complete SEO solution available for WordPress. It helps optimize page content, images titles, meta descriptions and more.

As a result, with Schema markup and Yoast SEO ready, QAEngine version 1.6 brings you more opportunities to have better ranking in search results, which leads to more traffic in site.

[Mobile] More features, better display, improved search flow

Quick & easy photo upload from mobile

Now users can upload photos on any device, from laptop to mobile which makes it extremely flexible and convenient.

QAEngine update 2

Get professional with page footer

The page footer is now as important as the header. The page would look professional if it has well-designed and useful header as well as footer.

QAEngine update 3

You can edit page footer in the back-end (Engine Settings → Settings → General → Copyright).

Forgot password feature

Another new feature on mobile version is that users are able to notify the system when they forget password.

QAEngine update 4

Search flow improvement

The search flow on mobile is as followed:

  1. Click on magnifying glass icon and the search box appears.
  2. Type in keyword.
  3. Hit enter button on mobile keyboard (button “Go” in iPhone for example).

The results appear. Repeat above steps to continue searching new keywords.

QAEngine update 5

Contact Form 7 Plugin compatibility

In the previous version, there were some issues working with Contact Form 7 plugin on site. The concerns are properly fixed, so that the plugin works seamlessly on QAEngine version 1.6.

Email notification of new account activating, new badge, and reported question

Confirmation email resent function added, assuring user can receive the email

After signing up, user would receive a confirmation email in inbox. However, there could be any problems arising which make user unable to receive the mail. To deal with this, user can request a new mail if he/she could not find the first one.

QAEngine update 6

To enable this requirement in back-end, go to Engine Settings → Settings → General → Email Confirmation.

QAEngine update 7

User is notified when achieving a new badge

When user levels up to a new badge or is downgraded to a lower badge, a notification email would be sent to his/her inbox.

Author of reported question receives notice

Before, only admin was notified of reported questions. In this version, both admin and author of reported question receive notice.

Results in accordance with chosen sort

Logically, when user filters questions by category then sorts by Votes in homepage, the results are expected to displayed according to number of votes. However, the real results were sorted by Latest criterium.

In the new release, this function is improved so that sorting questions by Votes would show results corresponding with voting order.

QAEngine update 8

Answer editing function works well on Firefox

Yes, Firefox users are now able to edit answer on this web browser, assuring a better user experience.

With new features added, I hope this latest version would better cater for your WordPress ask and answer website. If you have any question while updating QAEngine version 1.6, you can send email to support@enginethemes.com. Our technical support staff will help you solve the concern.


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