Fewer errors and improved features!

We started our weekly feed last week and this is the second installment of the modifications we’ve made on JobEngine. In case you missed the first issue, you may read it here.

But a little special from the list of tweaks we included in our first weekly update, our last week’s efforts focused on feedbacks and suggestions coming from some of you.

Those efforts included doing a few adjustments on the site to get rid of some annoying bugs that messed around with your browsing, and fine-tuning of some of the features.


Bug #126: White line on BlogComment field
Bug #127: Keep the page being viewed when activating or deactivating customization mode
Bug #129: “Job Viewed” count errors
Bug #130: Applicant receives the same job application confirmation email as that of the employer
Feature #105: Displayemployer location map in job page
Feature #122: Turn Categories & Job Types List into widgets
Feature #123: Widgets on sidebar is sortable (drag n drop)
Feature #110: Support rss feed in JobEngine
Feature #128: Save changed language file to wp-content directory

True to our commitment to provide our customers with a job board site specifically built for them, we prioritized working on your better ideas and here are the three highlights:

1. Added map display of employer’s location on job page

The map display right on the job page now enables jobseekers to conveniently view the location of the company. A click on the location icon will slide down the map.

 Map in Job Page

2. Turned “Job Categories” and “Job Types” filters into widgets

These new widgets now allow you to drag and position your Job Categories and Job Types anywhere on the main sidebar.

Sortable Widgets

3. Added “drag and drop” feature on the frontend for widgets on the sidebar

Not only had we turned job’s Categories and Types into sortable widgets, but we also added a reorder-widget feature on the frontend. This will make changing the order of all other sidebar widgets easy for the site administrator as he won’t need to go through the usual updating on the backend.

Your other feedbacks will keep us busy this whole week. We’ll let you know the progress in our next post. Keep posted!



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