Holiday vacation is over and we also had our fair share of those rest days. Sweet! Now that we’re back to do our usual routines, we have to sit on our bottoms at our desks to do some fixes and polishes to provide you with handy features.

Recently, we turned “Job Categories” and “Job Types” filters into widgets to allow administrators to reorder them anywhere on the main sidebar while in the frontend. In this week’s updates, JobEngine added a drag and drop feature in the backend for both filters. However, these two features function differently. In the frontend, when an administrator drags, say, the Job Categories, the whole thing under it will be carried to where he will drop it on the sidebar. In the backend, the administrator can rearrange the order of the main and sub-categories he created for his jobs. The same works for Contract Types.

JobEngine - Sortable job types, categories - Job Board Software, WordPress Job Board

JobEngine also added social share buttons in a job post page so users can not only view a post but also easily promote it. Employers can publicize their job posts through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin and get free endorsements when job seekers share the posts.

JobEngine - social share for job postings - Job Board Software, WordPress Job Board

Other changes and fixes we’ve made last week that are now visible on JobEngine include four vital ones:

Change #167: Revised step guide in Setup Wizard

Change #166: Changed texts in Overview and Settings

Bug #158: Footer on the middle of the page

Bug #163: Unresponsive Approve and Reject buttons


  • Igoame
    Jan  09TH,  2013

    It’s incorrect display of social share buttons after updates.

    • Anh Chau
      Jan  09TH,  2013

      Igoame, please try to clear your cache and reload the website again. 🙂

  • Ted
    Jan  09TH,  2013

    Good Updates. However, these features are “nice to have” and not necessities. Big items: (1) maps more accurate or optional, (2) mobile version that displays blog, (3) employers can post a 2nd job from their account (bug), (4) “how to apply” text box as an option that would replace the apply button/modal/email. Please keep up the hard work, the job board community is counting on you!

    • Anh Chau
      Jan  09TH,  2013

      Thanks for your kind and helpful feedback, Ted!! 🙂 This is exactly the encouragement we need!!
      We are working hard on improving the theme every week; currently on the very first point you’d mentioned. Your above suggestions as well as the other ones in the help desk will be discussed carefully and taken into development depending on their priorities!

  • Igoame
    Jan  10TH,  2013

    Thank you for your help, Anh Chau. Everything works well.

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