As expected after a long rest, tasks waiting to get completed are in a long list. Since last week, JobEngine team has been working hard so that this latest version of JobEngine is better with fine-tuned location, sidebar, and Internet Explorer-related issues.

Fixed Location Issues

We’ve received not a few complaints about how the map works before. In some cases, you want the “location display” to show the city where the company or job vacancy is located but to your disappointment, the system displays the county or state – and worse, there’s nothing you can do to change it. Now, this whole scenario is changed.

Whether you choose to display or not the company or job’s address, the location field now works as you wish it to. You can provide just the city or city and state or the full address. We have also taken out the “Display as” field below the location box. (Well, without it life is easier. 🙂 )

Job location field in JobEngine - Job Board Software, WordPress Job Board

So, if the Job Location field is populated with a city or state or both, the same will be displayed in the Job Detail page. However, if the full address is entered, the display location is shortened to the last two elements of the address having a combined word count of not more than 30 characters.

For instance, the address is: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500, United States; you’ll see the display location in Job Detail’s page as “DC 20500, United States.”

New Sidebars, New Widgets

JobEngine v1.0.7 has introduced three new sidebars: Companies, Job Detail, and Company, giving you five options to choose from for your widgets. But JobEngine is generous enough to let you customize your widgets with two more sidebars. Right! Now, you got seven sidebars all in all!

JobEngine v1.0.8 renamed the existing “Main Sidebar” to “Homepage Main Sidebar” to easily identify it with the two new additions: Homepage Top Sidebar and Homepage Bottom Sidebar.

As their titles imply, widgets dragged onto these sidebars will be shown in the homepage specifically in these areas:

Homepage Main Sidebar – left or right of the page

Homepage Top Sidebar – top of the page, below the Demonstration text

Homepage Bottom Sidebar – bottom of the page, below the Load More button

Drag widgets to these sidebars and reorder them right from the frontend.

Sidebars System in JobEngine - Job Board Software, WordPress Job Board

What’s more? Two new widgets!

So as to give you more freedom to easily manage most of your site’s important data, we turned the following blocks into widgets: 1) the Company Profile in the “Job Detail” and “Company” pages (widget name: JE Company Profile), and 2) Active Companies and Available Jobs count (widget name: JE Companies & Jobs Count).

Except JE Company Profile, all widgets function properly when dragged to the seven sidebars. Drag JE Company Profile only to the Company sidebar or Job Detail sidebar. Dragging it to other sidebars will show an admin notice:

Admin notice: JE Company Profile widget should only be dragged to the company sidebar or job detail sidebar to function properly.

Other Fixes

JE’s previous versions also have font issues in Internet Explorer 8. If you’re using such, we thought you’ll be glad to hear they’ve been fixed.

Bug #214: “Success, friend” page does not appear in Renew-a-Job
Bug #215: Wheel keeps on turning when archiving jobs
Bug #218: White space appears below the footer in IE
Bug #220: Top and Bottom sidebars won’t allow widgets to be reordered
Bug #222: IE8: Edit icon on text widget is different from that of other browsers
Bug #223: IE8: “Number of Comments” in Blog page turns into assorted icons


    Mar  01ST,  2013

    Great work! Keep on simplifying and cleaning up random bugs. Thanks for listening and improving!

    • Anh Chau
      Mar  01ST,  2013

      Sure we will keep on improving JobEngine. Thanks for your kind words, Ted! 🙂

  • isabella
    Mar  01ST,  2013

    when will the registration form (including job seekers profile, jobs, resume etc.) will be available? i want to buy this theme but only with this features….btw great theme and good job guys…

    • Anh Chau
      Mar  01ST,  2013

      Thanks, Isabella! Your kind words are such an encouragement for us. We’re currently working on the job seeker module and we hope to be able to publish it in April. We’re really looking forward to it! 🙂

      • isabella
        Mar  01ST,  2013

        Thank you Anh Chau for the quick reply! I need an advise! Should I by the theme now (without the job seeker feature) or should I wait for the release/ update in april (including the job seeker function)? I really need the job seeker feature for my new website in Germany. Can´t wait to start with this great theme 🙂

        • Anh Chau
          Mar  05TH,  2013

          This is a hard question. 🙂
          To tell the truth, it depends on your target at the moment. Would your project be affected if you didn’t have the job seeker feature at the moment? Or should your job board be developed as the current state of JobEngine, would you be able to run your project now?
          As a member of EngineThemes, my advise would be somehow biased. But I can assure you that the current version of JobEngine would bring great experience for your target customers.

  • Kashif
    Mar  02ND,  2013

    Me waiting for job posting from Admin Panel, when you will add this feature in JE ?

    • Anh Chau
      Mar  05TH,  2013

      Hi Kashif. we’re currently improving the backend structure this week and all the admin tasks such as creating a company account, posting jobs using a company account, application management panel… should be developed next week. 🙂

  • isabella
    Mar  04TH,  2013

    I have already checked your demo-theme. It is amazing and the perfect theme I have been looking for.

    The only point I don´t understand is why the job seekers can only apply for a job by instruction and by e-mail link. It would be great if the company receive the application in the dashboard. After the application progress the company would be able to select the best employee and send them a message via the theme.

    Can you please consider this proposal? Thank you.

    • Anh Chau
      Mar  05TH,  2013

      Do you think of any other ways job seekers can apply for a job? The options JobEngine currently supports is by far the simplest ways we think companies would like to have. They can receive their applications in their inbox, or if they used their own ATS system, they could leave their own guidelines of how job seekers should apply.

      The management tasks should be easy for companies when they use their own ATS system and can get a little harder when they find their applications in their inbox. However, we’re working on the job seeker module and things may somehow change. We will surely consider about this issue more for our upgrade.

  • Anh Chau
    Mar  05TH,  2013

    It’s a great idea, Isabella! However, I doubt that it will fit well in JobEngine. The way it works is much different from how JobEngine currently does and I think it should rather be developed in a separate theme. 🙂 What do you think?

  • nhunq
    Mar  05TH,  2013

    Thank Claude for your feedback. Issue (1) will be fixed in the next weekly update.

    Currently, you may translate the “Opps! No jobs found” message in Settings > language > Translator. You may translate it directly in language file. You may follow those steps:

    – Choose the language of translator.

    – Find the message.

    – Translate it as your need.

    – Save the language file.

    (3) The job categories widget shows only parent categories. All child categories will be hidden in “pull-down menu”. I recommend you to use customization service to help you find out.

    (4) Could you please tell me what does this same list mean?

    (5) The price of package is not a hyperlink. You may modify it in style file directly. Please note all files will be overwritten when you update new version so you should download child theme and add new changes in the child theme. It helps you may keep your customization.

    (6) Currently, JobEngine just supports bottom sidebar. I recommend you to use customization services to add it in your JobEngine.

    Hope that helps. 🙂

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