If your wish list includes controls to add new jobs and companies from the backend, you may now cross them out of your list –or better yet, write “done.” Many of you have long been waiting for these features and given the easy-ness to do a task from where you always do the admin chores, we perfectly understand why.

Add New Jobs from the Backend

If you are an admin and you want to skip some few clicks in job posting steps such as selecting and processing payment, then this feature works as you wish. However, similar to the Post-a-Job page, only one category and employment type can be chosen for the job. By default, WordPress allows multiple selection of choices in a list but we stick to the default functionality of JobEngine. So what you see in jobs posted from the frontend is also what you get when a job is added from the backend.

Add Jobs in backend - JobEngine - Job Board Software, WordPress Job Board

Another catch to this backend job posting is that the job is automatically Active in your site when you click “Publish.”

If you want to try this feature out now, make sure you’re not looking for “Jobs” menu in the Engine Settings. It’s in the WordPress’ default tabs.

Add New Companies from the Backend

Use this feature the same way you’re adding a new user to your site. But make sure to select “Company” in the Role list. Anytime you may want to edit the company information or upload a logo, do so without being redirected to the frontend. But still, frontend is an option where to do the editing.

Delete Function for Archived and Draft Posts

We thought that Delete button is necessary for archived and draft posts. Sooner or later, archived jobs will overload your Dashboard and you will need to clean it up.

Drafts are unfinished posts that you may or may not want to continue posting. In any case you choose to post a new one rather than to make changes on the draft, you can easily remove the one you will no longer need.

Change Log

Here are a few bugs we found and fixed for this version –

Bug #299: Fix 2Checkout bugs
Bug #293: Text in search field are not aligned in Safari
Bug #288: Fix jQuery compatibility issues with 3rd-party plugins

Note: As some of you have known, we’re working on the job seeker module for JobEngine. Therefore, our next updates will mostly focus on fixing bugs and not including new features.

  • Kashif
    Mar  28TH,  2013

    Hi, thanks, finally posting from admin panel available, and my wait is finish, good work done by JE team, and now one feature that I am looking is selection of job location along with job category and job type while importing the jobs from RSS feeds. And I hope JE will add this feature also soon.

    Good Luck.

    • Hans Steup
      Mar  28TH,  2013

      Hey Kashif,

      I support your idea selecting jobs from RSS-import by location 🙂

      – Hans

    • Anh Chau
      Mar  28TH,  2013

      Kashif, Hans, thanks for your feedback! We will consider the location issue for the next version of JE RSS plugin 🙂

    • Anh Chau
      Apr  08TH,  2013

      Hi Kashif, Hans,
      I’ve just updated the RSS importer plugin to v2.0, which includes the ability to enter location for imported jobs. 🙂 I hope it helps.

  • Manuel
    Apr  05TH,  2013

    Hi I updated to the new version, and i am having an issue when trying to update a post in my blog, when i click on Add Media button it doesnt work, this is strange but it works when i create a new post, but if i want to edit it doesnt work. My Firebug is showing this error: JSON.parse: unexpected charactersource: JSON.parse(jQuery(‘#et_companies’).html()),

    • Anh Chau
      Apr  08TH,  2013

      Hi Manuel, this issue has been resolved in our latest update: https://www.enginethemes.com/weekly-update-jobengine-v1-1-3/ 🙂

      • Manuel
        Apr  10TH,  2013

        Hi Anh, thanks! now is working correctly!. I found another situation when i try to public serveral jobs one after another and select the option how to apply and then i Approve as admin, it seems that it doesnt select the option i choose before.

        • Anh Chau
          Apr  15TH,  2013

          Hi Manuel, would you mind sending us an email with your site information and an admin account for testing to support@enginethemes.com? We checked the issue but couldn’t reproduce the bug.
          Thanks for your notice! 🙂

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