FreelanceEngine Credit Extension 1.0

Credit systems are the norm for digital products. On your freelance marketplace website, FrE Credit Extension works as the virtual currency system. Users (employers & freelancers) pay to buy credits and use these credits to make any transactions on your site. Especially, Credit Extension is integrated into Escrow. Hence, you don’t need complicated PayPal Adaptive or Stripe Connect API but are still able to use Escrow payment. How to do it? Simply install FrE Credit Extension on your freelance WordPress website.

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Quicker payments, happier customers

FrE Credit Extension is made for some reasons.

First, PayPal Adaptive and Stripe Connect, though popular, are not worldwide available, while one of these two payment gateways is required to handle Escrow payments on your site. In this context, Credit Extension will replace these two gateways to work with Escrow.

FYI: Escrow allows for safer payments by acting as a neutral third party for online transaction. Escrow payment in FreelanceEngine would hold employer’s payment until the freelancer completes the project and as a result, the employer releases payment to the freelancer.

Additionally, users on your site would have better security using credit system. Their account information is only exposed when they buy or withdraw credit. Other transactions are completed using a secure code.

Moreover, even when you’re in a country where PayPal Adaptive or Stripe Connect API is supported, the setup process is so long and complicated that you need a simpler solution. So, FrE Credit is the extension you’re looking for.   

Features of FrE Credit Extension 1.0

  • Email template

Receive email notifications when users add more or withdraw credits, or request secure codes on your site.

  • Multi credit plans

You can set up different credit packages in back-end and users would buy credit by choosing a suitable package.

  • Access prevention

Temporarily disable credit system on site in case something goes wrong.

  • Conversion rate

For ease of use, the conversion rate between real money and the number of credits is 1-1.

  • Minimum withdrawal amount

Set up the smallest amount of money a user can withdraw per transaction.

Users (employers & freelancers)
  • Secure code

Each user is provided a secure code to complete transactions on site. Users can also request a new code if forgotten.

  • Changelog management

Users can easily manage all their transaction history in profile page.

  • Buy more or withdraw credit

Users can buy more or withdraw credits right on front-end.

  • Withdraw credit via PayPal account or bank account

FrE Credit supports money withdrawal via PayPal or bank account. Employers and freelancers can send withdrawal requests to admin, and admin would manually send money to users.

Update: How to use FrE Credit with Escrow System in FreelanceEngine 

We have added the tutorial guiding you through the workflow of this extension. Check it out here.

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As we are developing more supportive plugins for FreelanceEngine theme, it would be great hearing your feedbacks so that we could better serve your needs. Stay tuned for our detailed FrE Credit tutorials!

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  • dmaeno
    Feb  03RD,  2016

    I don’t see “FrE Credit Extension” on Extention page….

  • macoy
    Feb  05TH,  2016


    Can you help me on why does the security code is empty when sent on email?
    i requested couple of times already for security code but when i check the email i can only a default template with no code on it.


  • macoy
    Feb  05TH,  2016

    btw How to add credits on ?

  • BackO
    Feb  05TH,  2016


    I am getting two bugs

    1. When I click on the add icon that should allow me to select a credit plan, its carrying me to the profile homepage. Both my paypal and bank account are updated and I have the security code

    2. Milestones. When I post a project using this system, it does not allow Milestone.

    • Uyen Tran
      Feb  19TH,  2016

      Dear BackO,
      Sorry for the trouble that you have met. Would you mind creating a new thread / ticket at our forum Don’t forget to provide your URL and admin account. Our technical will check and response you at the soonest!

      Thanks a lot.

  • Gabor
    Feb  06TH,  2016

    I can’t purchase it with the 20% Discount!
    From my account is only for full fee!!!!????

    • Uyen Tran
      Feb  19TH,  2016

      We’re so sorry for late response.
      The coupon MONKEY20 is only valid until Feb 15, 2016. So, please contact us at We will check and feedback you at the soonest!


  • Juampaflores
    Feb  06TH,  2016

    Could you please show us some screenshots when Employer buy credits to use in Escrow option, without Paypal or Stripe? Because on your Demo we can’t see the process to pay with credit card.
    Admin can set a default commission rate?
    On my country i can’t use Paypal or Stripe, so how Admin receive their fee and How Freelancer receive their money? Thanks for your time.

  • edo
    Feb  07TH,  2016

    Hi, I couldnt see this feature in demo page…

  • azahar uddin ahmed
    Feb  08TH,  2016

    where can i see the work flow of this plugin ? how it works ? is it compatible all payment plugin like payumoney , paypal ?

    can we use both plugin together papal digital goods and this credit system plugin ?

    • an nguyen
      Feb  15TH,  2016


      You can check how it works in our demo site. Of course, it’s compatible with other extensions.


  • mas
    Feb  11TH,  2016

    hi guys, does this escrow plugin work as a stand alone?
    dont have to use freelance eng..

  • mas
    Feb  11TH,  2016

    hi guys, can this escrow plugin work as a stand alone?
    without using it together with freelance eng..

    • an nguyen
      Feb  15TH,  2016


      It’s an extension created for FreelanceEngine. You have to use it together with the theme.

      If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us via


  • Tomas
    Jun  07TH,  2016


    this extension is perfect for electronic content however in my ecommerce website I also want to offer non electronic stuf like transport services etc where escrow service is hardly perfect.

    So would it be hard for a programmer (apx number of workhours) to include a feature enabling users to decide if they want to use escrow system? Maybe they prefer invoice. My idea is something what we can call a “switch” enabling employer choose between two possibilities:

    a/ escrow system – percentage commision (it’s clear)
    b/ invoice – fixed commision

    Thank you for your time


    • Chau
      Jun  08TH,  2016

      Hello Tomas,

      Thank you for posting in, and I appreciate your kind words.

      Regarding your concern, it might require some customization to be able to fit your use purposes. But thus far, this function is still complex at the moment so I would suggest that you find a suitable plugin for the alternative.

      If you have any further question, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our forum. We’ll be happy to help you as much as we can.

      Many thanks.

  • Glauber Carvalho
    Oct  15TH,  2016

    Is there a way to release credits by the milestone?

    • ThaoNguyen
      Mar  15TH,  2017

      Dear Glauber Carvalho,

      Thank you for your interesting suggestion.
      Regretfully this isn’t available by FreelancerEngine theme at that time. This is the feature outside the default theme so we cannot give you help because it desires for a lot of code customization. You may wish to consult a developer to assist you with this.

      Thank you!

  • khaled
    Mar  14TH,  2017

    users made payment using paypal , which is shows in my paypal account , but does not show in the credit of the users , i m loosing users because of that ,
    tried to find solutions , when they use stripe all is fine but when i use paypal they end up not credit in user account .

    • nhunqyw nhunqyp
      Mar  15TH,  2017

      Hello khaled,

      Let me help you clarify about information show in user credit account are: buying credit package, buying package using credit, accepting bid using escrow credit, withdrawing money from credit account.
      Hope this hepls.

      Thank you!

  • Nabeel Shafique
    Jul  23RD,  2017

    As per understanding following is the Flow
    1) Buying Credit package
    2) Buying Package using Credit
    3) Accepting Bid using escrow credit
    4) Withdrawing money from credit account

    Is it possible if we eliminate the second step, and make it as follows
    1) Buying Credit package
    2) Accepting Credit Bid
    3) Withdrawing money from credit account

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