We have received a lot of requests for heads-upon the future updates of the themes. And we thought it’s a good idea to share to you what we’re cooking for our themes for their near future versions. Gladly, our plan for this March is ready and we’re excited to let you know.

With JobEngine and ClassifiedEngine, there are so many grounds to cover and March will surely be a busy month for the EngineThemes team.

Product Version Details
JobEngine v2.6 - Support a new front page template
- Add some sample CSS for popular minor customizations
Updated: v2.7 - Support "Ininfity Scroll" & "Paginator" options
- UX tweaks
v3.0 - Allow registration in mobile version
- Post a Resume in mobile version
Updated: v3.1
Post Jobs in mobile version
JE CustomFields v2.0 Support custom fields for Resumes
JE Indeed v4.0 Refactor Indeed extension to match the Indeed policy
JE SimplyHired v2.0 Refactor SimplyHired extension
ClassifiedEngine v1.3
Updated: v1.3.1
- Add menu in mobile version
- Add seller list in mobile version
- Support Blog section in both desktop & mobile version
Updated: v1.3.2
- Add description for ads in homepage
- Fix bugs & update extensions
v1.4 - Allow users to follow a seller to get notified about new ads
- Mark an ad as "favorite"
v1.5 Allow users to submit their reviews about a seller
CE PayPal Express v1.0 Support PayPal on-page payment
CE AdRoll v1.0 Export convenient "board" of ads to insert anywhere needed
CE Ad Alert v1.0 Allows users to subscribe for new ad notification via emails
CE Coupon v1.0 Support admins to provide coupons for sellers to post ads

ForumEngine and the HotelEngine package will also have many updates to come. The below plan only covers a couple of updates ahead as we’re still reviewing other ideas before adding them to the timeframe.

Product Version Details
ForumEngine v1.2.4 - Support adding code snippet in editor
- Badge/Title system
Updated: v1.2.5 Apply design tool's custom style in mobile version
v1.3 - Sticky threads
- Email verification when registration
v1.4 - Report & Ban Users
- Message system
FE Ideas v1.0 Support posting threads in an "idea" form
FE Anonymous v1.0 Allow posting without registration
BookingEngine v1.1 - Pricing on weekend
- Add a new payment method
HE Comfy v1.0.2 Replace Contact form & improve UX
HE Classy v1.0.3 Replace Contact form & improve UX

Note: Although the above plan is for March and we always do our best to meet our target release date, some unexpected circumstances may sometimes push things to not end up as we wanted. Therefore, you should not schedule your projects based on our target plan.

We’re also collecting ideas for our next project plans. We’re curious to see which themes you would like us to create in the future. Share your ideas with us in our Forums.

  • Alvin
    Mar  02ND,  2014

    Looking forward to the updates, great job! I have got many handy feature requeats, can you add an “feature request” section in the forums?
    eg. Recuuring payments, Add Company logo etc in profile when adding a job, Combo package resume searxh/job posting ….

  • Mallick William
    Mar  03RD,  2014

    Dear Anh,

    This is one of best step ET has taken in order for the job portal and other website owners to plan ahead, considering slack with what you have shown.

    In addition, I am happy to see that you really have something better in your plan in terms of new features.

    Please keep up same and consider following features in your future plan;

    1. Expiry message for any JOB which has expired, and showing some recommendations, so that, Visitors doesn’t jumps out of the portal or get expired content. This is very important feature considering SEO ranking

    2. Ability to upload resume in word/pdf. This has been long awaited feature and has been asked by many users, but still awaited. I hope you have something for this feature.

    3. More Jobs Matching Profile or search criteria. Though I have implemented this feature using a third party plugin, but wish to have same features in the base of the theme.

    4. Suggested earlier as well, Ability to push jobs to Indeed and Simplyhired.

    5. Suggested earlier as well, and very important for Job Portals, is Auto Post to major Social Plateforms and Professionals plateforms. Though I have implemented this feature through third party but wish to have this feature in-built in the theme or even as plugin would be appreciated.

    Many more I have in mind, but as requested earlier for dedicated dashboards which still not implemented by ET, why to give you more burden.

    I hope theses features could get some space in your near future plans.


  • oscar
    Mar  03RD,  2014

    Great! i enjoy every little advance in my page i can not wait to see the new versions !! :D.. unfortunately i dont see a facebook or twitter login for classified… this would be great i hope you reconsider it. thanks for you great job!

    • Paul
      Mar  04TH,  2014

      personally I don’t think this is the best use of their time, there are already plugins for WP that do this, check out http://wordpress.org/plugins/search.php?q=nextend+connect

      • oscar
        Mar  04TH,  2014

        Thanks paul, you are great, i’ll try 😀

      • oscar
        Mar  05TH,  2014

        not very good, just a button but its not integrated to the theme login. useless…

  • Hammad
    Mar  03RD,  2014

    Hi Anh,

    This is really a great step that you have took to keep us informed about upcoming great features.

    I love to see Rego and job post on mobile version, these are great features.

    I strongly agree with Mallick’s points 1 and 2, specially point ONE is vital for SEO ranking. I have a suggestion for point one if you consider;

    “It will be ideal if JE can remove “APPLY FOR THIS JOB” button from an expired job and replace it with just a message like [This Job has Expired] and don’t archive an expired job”

    This will save from a lot of 404 ‘page not found’ errors when Google try to find an expired job.

    I also have a new feature request which I have put forward previously but was ignored saying ‘it will lower UX’

    Requested feature was to introduce a CAPTCHA for all JE forms.

    Please consider to implement it in future updates as it will save us from spammers.

    Bravo Team


  • Marcel
    Mar  05TH,  2014

    Hi there…can we get a list of changes/fixes for 2.5.1?
    Thank you

  • Hamza
    Mar  08TH,  2014

    Hi there, will you be fixing the JE Indeed plugin error this month? When importing jobs from the United Arab Emirates, (Dubai, Abu Dhabi..etc), it imports jobs from Turkey instead… Please confirm? Nhu said you will, but I do not see it mentioned above?

    • Anh Chau
      Mar  08TH,  2014

      Hi Hamza, don’t worry. JE Indeed v4.0 is in our release plan this March. And we will also check for the issue you mention above.
      Have a nice weekend.

  • Alvin
    Mar  09TH,  2014

    A new frontpage or the ability to set a custom front page is more then welcome! Cant wait for the 2.6 release!

  • satyendra
    Apr  19TH,  2014

    can i use job engine as a full loaded online job portal

    • Anh Chau
      Apr  21ST,  2014

      Hi @disqus_omBIKyF2p9:disqus, JobEngine is a job board software which does allow you to build an online job portal. Do you mean something different by “a full loaded online job portal”?

  • Barbarella Buchner
    Apr  28TH,  2014

    What happened to Hotelpress? We paid for this theme and now it´s all changed and I can´t even get on the forum anymore with my original logon details? I would appreciate if someone could tell me how we can update our site to the new version of Hotelpress (now Hotelengine apparently). Thanks.

    • Anh Chau
      Apr  29TH,  2014

      Hi @themadcatlady:disqus, sorry for the inconvenience. Would you please send an email to contact@enginethemes.com with your previous customer information? Our staffs will resolve this issue for you. Thank you.

      • Barbarella Buchner
        Apr  29TH,  2014

        Thanks, I have spoken to Nhu who sent me an email explaining some things…. but I still need support and some other things sorted out, so I will wait for his/your reply via email.

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