Tuyen Le - MicrojobEngine Quality Controller

How are you doing? TGIF 😉 Take a break, have some coffee and enjoy this post. Today we’re gonna have a talk with Tuyen Le – MicrojobEngine Quality Controller (QC). She’s the only lady in the team. So let’s explore special things about her.

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I’m learning to get better every day, improving my analysis skills to forecast all the possible scenarios and lower bugs to the minimum

Good morning! Can you introduce yourself to EngineThemes audience!
Hi, I’m Tuyen Le, working as a Quality Controller at EngineThemes. At the moment, my focus is MicrojobEngine.

What is Quality Controller (QC)? What do you do to ensure the best product quality?
The main responsibility of a QC is to test the product for its intended use and make sure it performs up to specifications. To do this, it’s essential that PRD (Product Requirements Document) is read and analyzed thoroughly. Then, after having a discussion with developers to go over all important and unclear points, I will create test sessions for each feature, list out all possible cases that can happen to that feature. Reducing bugs to the minimum level is very important.

However, the most challenging part is possibly receiving customer feedbacks about bugs in older versions. There are many times when we’re about to release a new version but some critical bugs in older versions made us spend more time to fix. And as a result, the new version has to be delayed. But doing so is necessary to ensure the best product quality.

How do you describe a good QC?
For any jobs, passion is key. Only passion can get you through all challenges and difficulties but still remain a positive mind going to work every day.

Especially for a QC, patience and detail orientation are very important qualifications. Sometimes, there are some bugs that rarely appear, bugs on this device but not in the others. These cases require a QC to pay attention to every small detail, patiently test many times to figure out the root cause. Another requirement is analysis skill. I keep learning to get better, improve my analysis ability to forecast all the possible scenarios and lower bugs to the minimum.

Which feature, according to you, is the most complicated and take a lot of time to test?
It’s the case when users order a service and make payment. Anything that relates to money is always complicated 😀 Testing methods for each payment gateway is different. Besides, it’s important to test the accuracy of the money flow corresponding to each status of the service order.

Tuyen Le - MicrojobEngine Quality Controller


We have only one goal when debating: making MicrojobEngine the best as we can

What do you feel after 1 year with MicrojobEngine? Was it a right decision?
Definitely a great decision. I saw the potential of MicrojobEngine from its first days, and now after 1 year, I still believe so. Online jobs are a potential marketplace so MicrojobEngine is really a good product as it saves your time and budget to build up a service website and bring it online. Moreover, MicrojobEngine has a clear product roadmap for a year ahead, easy to use features and flat, clean design.

And I have to say that I’m very happy to be a part of MicrojobEngine team. We get along just so well together, support each other. There are no arguments in the team, only discussion as we have only one goal when debating: making MicrojobEngine the best as we can. So I can say that a great team spirit is the key thing of MicrojobEngine success. It’s all about teamwork. Great team spirit, great product.

Do you usually have conflicts with developers? How do you guys solve the problem?
It always happens (laughing). But it’s better than remaining silent. That’s how we make progress and find the best solution to every issue. For example, when testing the member registration flow, some steps I thought are illogical in user flow. Technically, the flow runs well, but from end-user viewpoint, people don’t normally follow that flow. I raised this problem; then the whole team had a discussion, we listened to each member opinions, analyzed which were reasonable, which were not and finally found the most ultimate solution.

What do you think when reading customer’s feedback about MjE?
Very happy when receiving positive feedbacks from customers, feel like all my efforts are not wasted and MicrojobEngine has truly contributed to customer’s success. Of course, I’m quite sad reading complaints, bug reports. But I can’t just sit there and keep that emotion. I take all customer feedbacks, both positive and negative, as a part of my job, try to fix all mistakes to improve MicrojobEngine.

Tuyen Le - MicrojobEngine Quality Controller

What do you think about MjE future?
In this year, many new versions and extensions will be released, especially system level, which promises to be a significant breakthrough for all MicrojobEngine users.

MjE will celebrate 1st birthday next month. Can you share with us your thoughts?
Time flies so fast. It was like just yesterday we were still in the last steps preparing for MicrojobEngine first release. Now it’s turning 1, so many memories with each member, some persons left, some new joined. But after all, I will never forget all the time working with these guys.

Also, I’d like to wish the best for MicrojobEngine, hope it achieve more success, create bigger milestones. Thank all customers for entrusting, supporting us, all your feedback and idea contribution in MjE Community is really helpful to help shape a perfect MicrojobEngine.

Thank you so much for the emotional sharing. I believe with this attitude, you’ll definitely advance further in career and be an important piece of the team to create the best product for customers.

With this interview, we hope to give you a broader view of the job Quality Controller and how important it is in ensuring product quality.

We hope you enjoy it and have a nice weekend! Next Friday we will feature Hoai – another developer from the team.

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