MjE Stripe & Invoice Feature

Two weeks ago, we were happy to announce the upcoming release of MicrojobEngine first ever extension – MjE Stripe Payment Gateway as well as new MicrojobEngine version 1.2. Since then, the design and coding team have made great progress. There’re only 2 weeks until the release date of MjE Stripe and MicrojobEngine 1.2, so I’m excited to share with you a closer look at what we’ve built so far.

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MjE Stripe – Pay easier, faster & more secure

There are 3 main points that make Stripe a great payment choice for online businesses: Easy Setup, Fast & Convenient Checkout, and High-level Security.

  • Easy Setup: Coded to increase your revenue, Stripe eliminates needless complexity so that you could be all done with setup tasks in less than 5 minutes. Its payment form is designed to be seamlessly embeddable on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
  • Fast & Convenient Checkout: With the payment form done right, users on your marketplace can effortlessly complete the transaction in just 3 steps: choose Stripe payment gateway at Checkout, enter card info, and finally click Pay Now. The process is even much faster for returning customers. Just tick “Remember me” and all data is auto filled for a successful transaction (This function will be available in the next version). More importantly, one thing that makes Stripe the best payment flow is on-site checkout function. Customers now can complete transactions right on your site, no more redirection to external sites.   
  • High-level Security: Security is what matters the most in a payment gateway. Fortunately, Stripe takes security seriously. All credit card data is not stored on your server, but sent directly to Stripe instead. This is secure since you never have to touch these sensitive data, which might cause risks of PCI non compliance or data being stolen from your server.

MicrojobEngine 1.2 introduces Invoice Feature

Invoice is the new feature introduced in version 1.2. This feature is expected to simplify the payment process and help your users better track all their purchases in one place.  Each time users make a new purchase on your site, an invoice will be automatically generated showing details of the transaction. Moreover, users can manage all their invoices in Dashboard.

MjE Stripe & Invoice Feature

A new section will be added in User Dashboard called Invoice Manager to give your users full control of all invoices made. Users can click on a single invoice to see details of the invoice as well as of mJob order or listing; and filter invoices by Payment Type or by Payment Status. That’s the development we’ve made so far, let us know what you think and expect so that we can build more features that best suit your needs.

Great surprise to celebrate great extension

The coding is done. The testing is in progress. The release date is decided. And the fun is doubled with our giveaway and huge discount event.

We will be giving away 10 free copies of MjE Stripe Extension to celebrate the release of MjE Stripe and MicrojobEngine latest version 1.2. The giveaway will take place from November 24 to 28 so quickly add these important dates to your calendar to never miss out this great chance to win Stripe payment gateway for your marketplace.

But what if you couldn’t join the giveaway yet really want to own Stripe for your site? Don’t worry, 20% discount will be offered upon the release date on November 29th.

A lot of time and effort have been devoted to developing MjE Stripe and improving MicrojobEngine with a view to creating the best micro job WordPress theme for you. We are super excited and longing for the release date to let you try out the fun and share with us your thoughts. Let’s count down to MjE Stripe release event.

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  • Tom Park
    Nov  19TH,  2016

    sorry but is the new version 1.2 coming out together at the same time as the Stripe add-on?

  • envirogex
    Nov  19TH,  2016

    sorry, I just read the blog properly …. so it is. Thx

  • John Furrh
    Nov  26TH,  2016

    so we can only use paypal or stripe
    can I get assistance setting up my paypal where I have backend access

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