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MicrojobEngine 1.1.3 has arrived, including new changes and improvements in the payment flow. In this tutorial, I will show you a quick guide to set up the payment via PayPal & 2Checkout.


Since PayPal doesn’t allow orders with the same invoice number, a new field is available for you to add the prefix to avoid the case of invoice number duplication. Remember that you MUST enter a unique prefix if your PayPal account is used for multiple websites.

Go to Engine Settings > Theme Options > Payment Config > Payment Gateways to set up.


The prefix can be letters, numbers, and special characters.


Once your theme is updated to MicrojobEngine 1.1.3, visit your 2Checkout account to set up site management following these steps:

  • Click on the “Site Management” under the “Account” tab.


  • In the “Direct Return” section, you select the “Header Redirect (Your URL)” instead of “Given links back to my site” as before.


  • Also edit the approved URL by removing the part of slug after the “…/process-payment”. So the new approved URL will end at process-payment.


  • Finally, click “Save” to complete your settings.

For further support, please contact us via support@enginethemes.com.

  • muriantoro esha aji
    Sep  13TH,  2016

    your website is so great but none the less
    I give advice to this page : http://microjobengine.enginethemes.com/mjob_category/translation/
    add more filter , example : filter by delivery time,freelance country,new arrival,price
    and add more “sort by” ,example : Featured,Trending,Top Sales,Rating,Price (high to low),Price (low to high)
    add make this page more beutifull design , this very important needed on your website
    thanks , hope you fixed

    • Chau
      Sep  14TH,  2016

      Hello muriantoro,

      Thank you for your kind words and we really appreciate the suggestions.

      Currently, you can send us your ideas and suggestions at https://www.enginethemes.com/help/ through [Expand your ideas] category to get more votes before any further consideration for future implement.


  • Chris Zammit Dimech
    Sep  14TH,  2016

    Hi, i’ve seen you closed down the forum, which is a bummer in my honest opinion. We can’t voice what’s wrong with themes amongst the community. I used the forum a lot before trying to process an update.

    I was about to update to v 1.1.3 but I’ve seen an issue of double orders going through. I have no clue whatsoever now if the issue has been fixed or not :/

    and I have no clue if there are other issues with this version.

    We already spent loads of money advertising our website and loosing almost 70% of customer’s interest due to the theme not working correctly with the payment system.

    1) Can you please let us know if the forums will be back online
    2) Can you please update me with the Double Order issue


    • Chau
      Sep  15TH,  2016

      Hello Chris,

      Before we moved to the support channel, we’ve spent a lot of time to consider thoroughly the advantages/disadvantages compared with the old support channel (Forum) as well as consulting with different sources of information.

      It was not an easy decision. However, we acknowledged that the transition to this new Support channel will cause some difficulties for customers to review the information (old ticket via the forum) ,and common issue ,ideas from other customers but only at the beginning.

      We believe that all the problems will soon be solved because we have a complete plan http://prntscr.com/ci7jsq an Idea section. Here, you can give your ideas to get votes, but also information from the community. Based on this information, we will look carefully to constantly improve our product and provide you with the best possible improvement.

      On the old ticket, before moving to the new system, we have reported on the forum that you should check to keep all of the information for later reference (if necessary).
      In addition, the new system will help will help us improve the quality of customer service and easier to keep track with customer information.

      We have no plans to re-open the forum thus far. We appreciate your understanding on this matter.

      As for the issue you’ve encountered, please send us a request through “Technical Problems?” at https://www.enginethemes.com/help/ our TS will be glad to assist you.


  • Kit
    Sep  18TH,  2016

    hi there!
    Is there anyway to add additional payment gateways?
    Any way to modify/customize search filter?
    Can u do customization?

  • Ali veli
    Sep  18TH,  2016

    Have we a chance to use Payoneer as a payment gateway ?
    Please inform.


    • Chau
      Sep  19TH,  2016

      Hello Ali,

      Concerning this, the MjE theme only supports Paypal, 2CO and cash as the payment gateway.

      It’s such a pity that Payoneer isn’t supported with the MjE theme and thus far, there’s no plan to implement Payoneer as a specific payment gateway for MjE. I express regret for not able to offer you any solution on this matter.

      Maybe you can contact our partner – Codeable to see if they can help or not.


  • Mars Amirov
    Oct  01ST,  2016

    As a Stripe payment system will be connected soon?

    • Uyen Tran
      Oct  03RD,  2016

      Hello Mars,

      Thanks for posting in.
      We have a plan to integrate Stripe into the theme after MjE version 1.1.4 is released. Regarding the specific release day, we have not started this project so, at this time, we don’t have any information as your requirement. Please keep following our blog to get the latest news.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any further information!


  • Ali Raza
    Oct  02ND,  2016

    Add Payoneer Card and Back Payment System, i buy Theme and i see you Not Update this Theme Only Update FreelanceEngine and other, Our All Buyers request Please Update MJEngine with More Features, Users Online Status , Seller Level. and more


  • takdjout ramzi
    Oct  10TH,  2016

    I am using this version, and i like the changes in the new admin panel. but i have some problems in Mailing and the Currency, because i want to change the current Currency of the theme, so i checked the code but i didn’t find my country Currency, if it’s not supported i hope to help me to add it, and making sure that’s function correctly with paypal,
    the second in Mailing, the plugin seems to be non functional with the new wordpress version. i hope to get a fast response from you.

  • Ali Raza
    Nov  03RD,  2016

    Boss 2Checkout are not give 2CheckOut Account, Please see screen shot of my Application 2 time apply not they say we do not accept this is service

    Please help to get and approve 2CheckOut Account


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