We are excited to announce that MicrojobEngine 1.3.3 is officially released with some great features & improvements, including Credit Top-up and Advanced Filter. Besides, our theme is now compatible with WordPress 4.8.


  • Before updating your site to MicrojobEngine 1.3.3, please backup your database in advance to avoid losing all files and data when the nasty happens.
  • Updating the database for proper filter function.
  • Along with MicrojobEngine 1.3.3, MjE Job Verification is also updated to the latest version 1.0.2.


Credit Top-up – It’s Now Easy To Give Free Credits To Users As A Gift

Credit Top-up is a new feature of MicrojobEngine theme, allowing you to edit user’s fund. With this feature, you can easily add or even deduct the available credits of any users on your site whenever you want. A particular example is to give credits to your users as a gift in case of promotion or events.

How to use the Credit Top-up feature

After you site is updated to MicrojobEngine 1.3.3, the Credit Top-up section will automatically appear on the left sidebar menu of the admin dashboard.

All members who are active on your site are listed in this section so that you are able to quickly edit their available credit.

To take the top-up action, you only need to click on the “Edit Credit” button corresponding to the user you want to add/deduct his fund. After that, you will be presented with a screen where you easily to add or deduct fund:

Once you add/deduct user’s fund, the user would receive this notification:

The notification is seamlessly sent to user once you edit his/her fund

The Credit Top-up History popup will be automatically shown when user clicks on the notification for more details

Besides, you can view the changelog that records all changes involved in credit top-up with detailed information such as date & time, amount, and message from your admin dashboard.

More Filter, More Sort Criteria

Previously, when you enter a keyword to search mJobs, you would be redirected to the search page in which you can only filter these mJobs available by categories and tags. But now, you are able to search mJobs with more filter elements such as filter by language, price, or verified mJobs. Obviously, the search result will be much more exact and help you save a lot of time.

Also, you can sort available mJobs by the newest, oldest, highest ratings, etc.

Please note that, after your site is updated to MicrojobEngine 1.3.3, you MUST update the database so that the search function can work seamlessly.

How to update the database

  • Back up database: It’s totally simple, you just access your server and export your site database.
  • Create a new page and choose “Update Data” as your page template.

P/s: If you created the page whose template is Update Data before, you can skip this step.

  • Click on “Preview” button at the top corner right to visit the page that you have just created. After that, you will be redirected to the update data page where you can update your data as the image below:

Then, click the Update button to update the database.

***Note: Although MicrojobEngine is updated its latest version with some new features and bug fixes, there are still unknown issues involved in PHP7 that will be fixed in the next versions:

1. PayPal payment as DRAFT in back-end (PHP7).
2. Category problems (Main and Sub categories) that cause mJobs not to be shown (PHP7).
3. Display problems on the Order Received page (PHP7).
4. Pending mJob (not DRAFT) when you proceed the payment by Cash method (PHP7).
5. Some front-end issues after updating PHP7.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you, and we appreciate your understanding.

Changed Files


Above are all about improvements in MicrojobEngine 1.3.3. If you have any questions, please contact us via support@enginethemes.com. We’re happy to answer you.

  • Patrick Waide
    Jul  12TH,  2017

    Hi there,

    I just updated my Microjob Engine theme version 1.3.3 and encountered the following issues;

    1. The “Sort By” function doesn’t work properly. And I updated the Database before testing the “Sort By” function.

    2. Each time I make a selection, the outcome shows something different.

    3. The “Price” filter does not also appear as reflected on your website. On mine it is displayed Vertically while it is Horizontal on yours.

    4. I also noticed that the “From” text on each Mjob post has been replaced by the View icon and a number (0).

    Please can you also tell me how to edit the “MJOBS AVAILABLE” text that shows when you do a search? I have searched for this under “Translation” but couldn’t find anything to edit.

    Thank you.

    • Thao Le
      Jul  12TH,  2017

      Hi Patrick,

      This is not our official support channel. Please send us a ticket by choosing Technical Problems section at https://www.enginethemes.com/help/. Our TS will help you resolve your problem.

      Thank you.

      • Patrick Waide
        Jul  17TH,  2017

        Hi Thao,

        You asked that I use your official support channel but each time I tried this I get the error message below;

        “Your account doesn’t have any active subscription with any products.
        Please make sure you log into the correct account, or repurchase the products if your previous purchases expired.”

        I was logged in to the correct account and there’s no expiration of any previous purchases.

        And why haven’t you guys responded to the email I sent to support@enginethemes.com which I also copied Dan and Phat in? It’s almost a week now. This is beyond ridiculous!


        • Thao Le
          Jul  17TH,  2017

          Hi Patrick,

          Could you tell us what theme you want to be supported so that we can check our system?

          Look forward to your reply.

          Kind regards,

          • Patrick Waide
            Jul  18TH,  2017

            Hi Thao,

            It’s the MjE theme. And how about you guys responding to emails?

          • Thao Le
            Jul  19TH,  2017

            Hi Patrick,

            I’ve checked your account and found that MicrojobeEngine is available on your account. However, could you send us the login information, including your username & password via email contact@enginethemes.com so that we can check again?

            Look forward to your reply.

            Kind regards,

    • sheriff erukunuakpor
      Jul  12TH,  2017

      @Patrick.., having same issue as your No.2 Clicking any of my headers takes me to a strange page showing me number of listing I have without actually showing these listings

      your No.4 I believe the from has been removed. what you now have there is a listing view counter.

      • Patrick Waide
        Jul  13TH,  2017

        Hi Sheriff,

        Thanks for the feedback.

        I have realised that it was actually a Chrome issue as I tried using the “Sort By” function in Explorer and it worked fine. The “Price” range function is also displayed well now.

        Surprisingly, Chrome is fine now as the above issues are functioning well after an update on my system took place.



  • Patrick Waide
    Jul  12TH,  2017

    Hi Thao,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I have sent an email to Phat and Dan using the support@enginethemes.com address. Will this suffice?



  • intekhab Alam
    Jul  13TH,  2017

    Thank you very much for releasing new version of MJE, some feature has been added that is really great.
    I would like to add one more feature like ( User Oline, Offline status) this could be really help to conversion of real time customer identification.

  • 12ka4
    Jul  14TH,  2017

    In the mobile view Filter function doesn’t work. When select a category and hit blue GO button nothing happens.
    Similarly if you pick oldest and hit GO, nothing happens.

    • Thao Le
      Jul  17TH,  2017

      Hi 12ka4,

      This is not our official support channel. Please send us a ticket by choosing Technical Problems section at https://www.enginethemes.com/help/. Our TS will help you resolve your problem.

      Thank you.

  • Donna Zimmerman
    Jul  18TH,  2017

    Hi thanks for the update. How can users delete their account if they decide not to have an account anymore. And please please introduce an online/offline feature for users.

    Thanks in advance

  • Miguel
    Jul  18TH,  2017

    I’m waiting to buy this theme until is complete compatible with PHP7.

    • Thao Le
      Jul  19TH,  2017

      Hi Miguel,

      Our theme will be compatible with PHP7 in the next version. We will announce you once our new version is available.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

      Thank you.

  • Donna Zimmerman
    Jul  18TH,  2017

    Also I read that 2CheckOut can only be used for selling package to post mJobs in your marketplace and is not available when users order mJobs.. I dont quite understand “selling package to post mJobs” Does this mean that both buyers and sellers are not allowed to use 2Checkout or just the sellers?

    • Thao Le
      Jul  24TH,  2017

      Hi Donna,

      Regarding your question, your users cannot check out via 2Checkout when ordering an mJob since 2CheckOut prohibits selling Products/Services as an Agent for a Third Party (https://www.2checkout.com/policies/prohibited-product-list/). That’s why this payment gateway can only be used for selling package to post mJobs in your marketplace. In other words, the buyer on your site cannot check out via 2CO.

      About “selling package to post mJobs”, it means that sellers are allowed to check out via 2CO when they purchase the package to post their mJob on your site (http://i.imgur.com/Jux0kI2.png).

      Hope it helps.

  • Loune Calixte
    Jul  21ST,  2017

    Hi just bought this theme but my website’s completely broken. The theme is not gelling with wordpress at all.

    • Thao Le
      Jul  24TH,  2017

      Hi Loune,
      Regarding your problem, please send us a ticket by choosing Technical Problems section at https://www.enginethemes.com/help/. Our TS will check your site and help you resolve your issue.
      Let me know if you have any further questions.

  • Miguel
    Aug  06TH,  2017

    Pre sale question. I would like to translate it completely to spanish, is it possible or it has certain parts that won’t be able to translate?

    • My Dang
      Sep  01ST,  2017

      Hi Miguel,
      You can translate the entire site to Spanish. Go to Translation section in backend and you’ll see text strings for translation.

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