Meet Our MicrojobEngine Guys Hoai - An Energetic Developer - 1

Another Friday and we meet again for another interesting talk with a guy in MicrojobEngine team. This time is Hoai N. – MjE developer.

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We focus on improving every small detail to create the best user experience on the platform.

Could you briefly introduce your name and what you are doing for WordPress?
I am Hoai, a PHP Developer. I have over 3 year experience working with multiple projects, templates and plugins.

Which part of MicrojobEngine do you take care of? Can you share with us some difficulties when developing the product?
I am developing extensions for MicrojobEngine: Claim at the moment and many others to come.

MicrojobEngine is a consistent system from colors, font size, to hook, action and even the file naming rules. It took me quite a time to learn and get used to everything. But I got so excited to have such a challenging yet interesting experience learning about a complicated system. MicrojobEngine is the most complex theme I’ve been working on.

You have developed many extensions for other themes. Is there any difference from coding one for MicrojobEngine theme? How is it different?
Not many difference about technical side but MicrojobEngine is more consistent and professional. The complex level is also higher.

Regarding functionality, MicrojobEngine has higher priority in optimizing functions and user interaction over user interface. We focus on improving every small detail to create the best user experience on the platform.

Meet Our MicrojobEngine Guys Hoai - An Energetic Developer - 2

Which feature is the most challenging?
MjE Level System definitely. It is the core feature that is highly appreciated and widely expected from many users in this year. Level system will encourage a strong interaction between buyers and sellers. And the value it creates benefits all the people involved in the system: buyers, sellers, and website admin.

You’re building Claim extension. What is it? How does it benefit users?
Claim is exclusively developed for MicrojobEngine. This extension allows sellers to verify their mjobs. Verified mjobs will help increase the trust and reputation of the seller. And buyers will feel more secure when buying verified mjobs.

After Claim extension, what’s next?
The future plan will possibly be Level System. In the meantime, I’ll be working with another developer on payment area to understand more customer needs and find out optimal solutions.

Meet Our MicrojobEngine Guys Hoai - An Energetic Developer - 3

If you were an animal, you would be a…?
A dinosaur. It’s a real famous animal in the history still very mysterious, very little is known about it.

MicrojobEngine is now 1 year old. How do you feel?
I’m very happy when MjE is trusted by many customers. Hope our product will be more popular in the future.

We are continually learning to adapt the latest technology, researching and testing to develop new ideas. Believe in our team and stay tuned for many cool stuffs.

Thank you for the interview. We really look forward to the release of Claim and other extensions. Wish you the best in your career.

It is March now. Guess anything special? MicrojobEngine Birthday is real soon. Very soon. As we have featured main positions in MjE team: developer, designer, quality controller, next week we will sum up the series with an exclusive interview with our Project Manager, the big brother of MjE team. He will give us a lookback at the past 1 year journey and share upcoming plans for MjE. See you next Friday!

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