1. Buy 1 theme get 1 extension for FREE

In order to add some sweets to your Valentine, EngineThemes is holding a special event which you can receive a free extension when a theme purchase is successfully made.

Valentine’s Day has been passed? Keep calm because the event lasts till Feb 22nd.

valentine - enginethemes

  1. Get risk of being flagged as spam email with ET Mailing

ET Mailing Supported by Mailgun and Mandrill – the two famous transaction email services, ET Mailing helps you to send, receive, track and store emails effortlessly. From now on, your email management becomes much easier.

Let’s us reveal a surprise for you!  ET Mailing is a totally free extension that we would like to give it to our customers on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

  1. Offer more payment options to get paid from a broader audience with AE PayUMoney

payuAE PayUMoney accepts different kinds of payment such as credit cards, debit cards and net banking. Also, it has partnered with a number of banks and payment service providers.

Just like ET Mailing, this extension is a little gift which represents our appreciation to our customers for supporting and trusting us whole the time.

  1. On-site payment – a best payment option for your site

AE-ppdgAE PayPal Digital Goods provides express payment solution for your FreelancerEngine and DirectoryEngine website.With on-site payments, a customer remains on your site for the entire shopping experience.

  1. Increase the importance of a mobile-optimized experience

Mobile channel has increased its coverage among users, thus confirmed the vital role in digital business

In the release of DirectoryEngine  v1.8.2, we have resolved some issues which happened most on your mobile like display rating stars issue, infinity scroll issue or author page issue. Some bug fixes are also included.

  1. FreelanceEngine: Escrow system is now available on mobile devices

This new release delivers a complete platform for a professional freelance marketplace. Some small implementations such as number format setting, sorting users from back-ends, etc have been executed to improve user experience.

  1. Stop spam comments with Google ReCaptcha

ReCaptcha uses an advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive CAPTCHAs to keep automated software from engaging in abusive activities on your QAEngine.

QAEngine v1.5 transforms website UX with lightboxes and social media buttons. Some bug fixes are also included.



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