Affiliates FAQ

Who can join our affiliate program?

Anyone. You can be a web designer, entrepreneur, developer,… as long as you have a passion for web application and WordPress (and also a blog/site with a certain number of followers 😉 )

Topics of your site

  • WordPress (WP Themes, Extensions, News, Reviews,…)
  • Web Application
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • ….

How does our affiliate program work?

  1. Sign up and become an affiliate at this link: (You do not need to purchase a theme from us in order to become an affiliate)
  2. Get your affiliate links in your member area – affiliates section and place it in your site.
  3. All successful sales you generate via your affiliate links and banners earn you a whopping 35% of that sale. Once you’ve made two or more sales totaling more than the $50 minimum payout, you will receive a payment via PayPal around 17th – 20th the following month.

What EngineThemes gives you

  • We will provide you documentation, product overview, banners when you become our affiliate. You can download plenty of pre-designed banners in your affiliate area.
  • We offer free themes for WordPress reviewers* so you can experience the products thoroughly. Please contact us at for more details.

How to promote effectively?

  1. Keep your post simple but informative! Visitors or potential customers usually look for:
  • Verifiability: Make sure that the key functions are all mentioned.
  • Comprehensibility: Not all of potential customers are web developers, so make sure they properly understand the working flow of a theme.
  • Adaptability: Responsibility and mobile optimization are trends. People would love to buy a responsive theme for their site.
  • Support: We also provide documents, installation & config, after-sale support,… Please also mention that in your post.
  1. The other common ways to promote EngineThemes’ products is either using paid search (services of Google, Yahoo, Facebook…) or setting up a dedicated website. However, you must not use brand-related keywords to advertise. Coupon codes that are not approved by EngineThemes are also prohibited.

What are the other requirements?

  1. You need to have Paypal account to receive your funds. No other payment methods are supported at the moment.
  2. In order to get paid, the affiliate must generate two or more sales and exceed the $50 payout minimum.
  3. You can NOT use your own affiliate links to purchase themes & plugins. Doing so will terminate your affiliate account and you will forfeit any potential earnings.

Why didn’t I get paid?

  1. You may have used domain names with EngineThemes brand-related keywords (i.e.,, etc) to promote our products.
  2. Another common reason is that you have used coupon-code links/free download links to mislead your visitors. Any affiliate sales made via these links will not be paid. Customers have the habit to search for coupon codes and usually land on sites with coupon content. The leads generated via links in those sites are not the targeted customers we expect from our affiliates and will not be considered valid in any cases.

If you are sure you didn’t violated those rules, please contact us through the Contact us form to get more details.

*Only applied for those who meet our requirements of global rank, number of visitors and followers

  • Global Rank: Below 150,000
  • Estimated Visitors: Around 50K or more
  • Followers: Around 2K or more