How to Backup and Restore a WordPress site – Step by Step

backup and restore wordpress site

The backup process is one of the most important aspects of data management. It helps you protect your website in case of disaster and avoid the possibility of losing the entire data. Thus, in this tutorial, we will guide you how to backup databases in your WordPress site step by step. Then, we will provide you with steps to restore your website to the previously backed up version.


Currently, there are many plugins supporting you to backup database. No matter plugin you use, all basic principles of them share the same logic. But, we strongly recommend you to use BackWPup (FREE) and BackupBuddy (it is one of the best premium backup plugins, but its pricing plan seems expensive). (more…)

10 Tips to Improve Your Site Conversion Rates

improve conversion rates

Having high conversion rates is what all businesses want for their websites. It also means the website is effectively designed in the way that attracts a great number of visitors to take the desired action, which, for most eCommerce sites, is to buy a product or service. As a result, the more visitors are converted into customers, the more revenue for your business.

While marketing strategies, such as SEO, Google ads, social marketing, try to drive more traffic to your website, conversion optimization plans play an important role in turning your site visitors into customers. (more…)

Top Free Online Photo Editors For Your Website

free online photo editors

Beautifully enhanced images are always attractive and appealing. Frequently, we tend to do some edits for the photos before uploading or sharing them to the public. While professional tools like Photoshop are too complex to use, there are many other available tools that are easy to use and free out there. This post will introduce some of the best free online photo editors to help you create the best images for your website. No need to install anything, just a good network connection and you’re ready to design awesome photos. (more…)

How to Choose A Good Domain Name for Your Small Business Website

choose a good domain name for small business website

Choosing a right domain name for your online business is important. It is the face of your online presence, the very first impression left on your site visitors. Coming up with a great domain name is a challenging job, and takes up a lot of thought and consideration. To help you with this, this article will list out some tips on picking a good domain name for your small business website. (more…)

Plugins to Fix 404 Error for WordPress

404 WordPress plugin

We can’t be right all the time. Sometimes people go in the wrong way and have no idea about it. The same occurs to Internet users. It might be a broken link, a typing mistake, or a removed page that leads to 404 error page.

Whatever the reason is, an error page would cause moments of confusion. If users are not patient enough (in most cases they aren’t), they are likely to close the tab and leave your site. Thus, why not turn this unhappy situation into a place creating useful value for your users?

Luckily, there are handy WordPress plugins that allows you to easily cope with the problem and improve user experience. (more…)

Best WordPress Backup Plugins for Your Site (Free & Premium)

wordpress backup plugins

Bring yourself peace of mind by utilizing one of these easy-to-use WordPress backup plugins.

Backup is usually underestimated as a part of site security. In fact, it is a simple yet crucial and worth more of your attention. Especially when you find your site in catastrophic situations, you’ll be thankful for adequate backups you have made for your site. Most hosting services provide site backups in their plans. However, it’s always good to prepare for the worst. Though it’s rarely happening, the host’s data center can still be damaged, causing your site data and backups to be lost. Therefore, it is advisable to make frequent backups on your own to protect your website from unexpected events.  

Limit Login Attempts in WordPress with Plugin

wordpress security tip - limit login attempts

Everything brought online runs the risk of being hacked. WordPress is not an exception as greater popularity of this platform as compared to others causes WordPress to become a common target for hackers. Don’t wait until your website is hacked that you start to care about security methods. It’s high time to limit login attempts on your site.

In this article, I will show you why and how to limit login attempts to protect your site against brute force attacks. (more…)

Strong Password Ideas to Secure Your Website

strong password ideas

Continuing series on security tips for WordPress users, in this article, I will show you strong password ideas to protect your website against hackers.

Weak password is one of the reasons causing your website to be vulnerable to hackers. The most effective password cracking method is revealed to be capable of making up to 350 billion guesses per second and there’s no doubt that this figure will increase dramatically in the coming years. It is clear that a not-strong-enough password cannot withstand current hacking techniques. Once attacking your WordPress site, hacker will take control of your site and who knows what they will do with it.   (more…)

Change WordPress Admin Username in 3 Simple Ways

WordPress security tip 1 - Change admin username

The default WordPress admin username makes your WordPress site vulnerable to hackers. The popularity of WordPress among millions of users around the world also makes it one of the most targeted platforms for hackers. As a part of the WordPress security series, in this article, I would discuss how you can change your default WordPress admin username, reducing the threat of brute force attack.

After this guide, you’ll realize how easy and simple it is to change your default username and be able to manipulate the actions within less than 5 minutes. (more…)

Best softwares to optimize images for web

Optimize images on your website
“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Knowing how to optimize images is an important factor in building a successful website.

In a long article with thousands of words, images are useful grabbing readers’ attention and helping them not get bored with the mere text. However, too many images could cause many unwanted effects on your site. Images would take up a large amount of storage on your server, which over time will increase your hosting cost, and induce slower page loading time, which affects your conversion and makes your SEO rankings suffer. Reading this article, you would be able to select the right format for each image, and know how to compress images to save your visual space.