Create a Web Directory in WordPress

Create web directory WordPress

Information search for particular circumstances is human natural need. That’s why web directory was born to meet such need. While creating a web directory used to be complicated in the past, it has never been easier thanks to advanced technology. With WordPress, things are even easier and faster. Whether you want to build a website for local directory or even a global business listing system, you can rely on DirectoryEngine WordPress Theme. It has core as well as exciting supplementary features for a complete directory website so that you can start to earn money from it. (more…)

Create & Deliver The Most Values to Your Users in Commission Business Model

commission business model

Previously, I have discussed business model definition in micro job marketplace. This article will particularly talk about Commission business model, its pros and cons, and some suggestions on what you can do to bring value to your users. (more…)

What A Good Directory Website Looks Like (Part 2)

important features in directory website

To build a complete directory website that meets all users’ demand requires a great deal of effort. After having your site equipped with basic features, is it enough for users to make frequent visit to your site? Well I’m afraid not. Often, users tend to ask more when their basic needs are fulfilled. For example, when they can search for places, they might want to be able to save, add some to favorite list for later view, or share to social network. Moreover, having more features than just the basic ones is crucial in differentiating your website. There’s no point creating thousands of websites when all have the same basic features, and there would be no reason for users to choose your site over others.

Having introduced basic features in a directory website, in this article, I will list out some add-on features that should be available in your directory site to make it more worthwhile. (more…)

What A Good Directory Website Looks Like (Part 1)

important features in directory website - part 1

Thanks to the power and convenience of the Internet, people are extensively going to online directory site to find a business and search for their favorite products. Among a forest of different online directory businesses, to differentiate yours could be a daunting task. But before that, what you need to do first is to create a website that has all the basic functions to meet the most basic user expectations in a directory listing site.

This article is divided into 2 parts. In Part 1, I’ll discuss core features you need to bring on site first to get it up and running. Then you’re gonna make more worthwhile additions with supplementary features introduced in Part 2. (more…)

Why Should I Have the Latest Version of WordPress?

latest version WordPress

The most important reason to install the latest version of WordPress is arguably the security issue.This article will explain why it is a good practice to use the latest version of WordPress for your website, what needs to be updated and how to do it yourself.

Business Model Definition of Your Micro Job Marketplace

business model definition

In the most recent economic downturn, it got increasingly difficult to find a job with steady income. Since then, offering micro jobs became an effective alternative. In such context, Fiverr, first launched in 2010, has successfully grown to be the world’s leading online marketplace for small services. To join this full-of-opportunities market, it’s important that you have a big picture of this type of marketplace. This article will give a business model definition, outline different models and discuss which one is right for your micro job marketplace.

Top Web Hosting Security Concerns in WordPress

web hosting security

In this article, I will focus on introducing different types of web host and clarifying main web hosting security concerns to examine in a hosting provider.

Whether your site is used for personal purpose or runs as a business, security is of utmost importance. Surely, being attacked and loss of data are the nightmares for every website. Do you know that approximately 41% of WordPress websites were hacked due to security vulnerability on the host? That figure somehow reflects how necessary it is to have a quality host. (more…)

How to Make Money from Online Directory Business

make money from online directory

To make money from online directory business, it is essential that you understand the nature of each unique business model, its working principles, and the values it brings to users.

Nature of online directory & its value for users: Online directory is a kind of platform business model whose value is created by promoting interaction and exchange of information between producers and consumers. By broad definition, an Online Directory is a website listing individuals or organizations with information such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers. The value of an online directory, hence, lies in the exchange of information about listing contents between listing owners and visitors. Directory owners have a place to show their listings to many users while visitors can access your site and find useful information of any directories. (more…)

How to Create a Directory Website with WordPress

create a directory website with WordPress

It always seems impossible until it’s done. You don’t have to be a master coder to build your business directory. Though having coding knowledge is an advantage, it is not all about the game since you can totally create a directory website with WordPress. The key factor is to really understand what needs to be done and clearly map them out. Doing that way, you won’t get lost and will be able to tackle the list one by one. (more…)

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