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Engine Themes Launches the JobEngine WordPress Theme for Job Boards 

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; November 27, 2012: Premium WordPress theme provider Engine Themes has opened for business with the launch of its first theme, JobEngine. Engine Themes creates easy-to-use themes at affordable prices that anyone can use to create professional websites powered by WordPress. The JobEngine theme enables users to create and monetize their own job board websites without the need for coding or design knowledge.

“We create WordPress themes that people actually need,” explains Khoa Le Nguyen Anh, Founder of Engine Themes. “Our team is committed to making WordPress themes easier to use than ever. Every theme we develop must be easy to use, so anyone can use them without hiring a designer or developer. They also have to be free of clutter and useless elements.”

All themes offered by Engine Themes follow industry standards and include robust features like smart design tools, front-end controls, lifetime support, unlimited licenses, and weekly updates. “Every theme includes a dedicated mobile version, not just a desktop copy of the site,” says Khoa. “And since location matters not just in terms of mobility but also localization, every theme includes six pre-installed languages as well as a built-in translator to localize the theme into any other language.”

Using its core design philosophy that says all themes must be simple to install, simple to use, simple to upgrade, and simple to cancel, Engine Themes is uniquely able to create themes that anyone can use while making them powerful enough that even advanced users and WordPress developers choose them to build websites.

JobEngine is the first theme released by Engine Themes. It can be purchased from the Engine Themes website for $129 with a 14-day money-back guarantee. A complete list of features and a demo are available for review on the website at

New themes and features are coming soon and will be available for review and purchase on the Engine Themes website as they are released. Updates and releases will also be announced on the Engine Themes blog. To subscribe to receive updates via email, visit or follow Engine Themes on Twitter at

About Engine Themes

Founded in 2012, Engine Themes is a Vietnam-based WordPress theme development organization focused on creating easy-to-use, mobile-ready WordPress themes at affordable prices for an international audience. Learn more at the Engine Themes website: