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Summer is in full swing!

The Fourth of July is coming and guess what … EngineThemes will delight you in the most amazing way. 😉


Simply enter code JULY4 at checkout to take 40% off of any items (themes, extensions or even packages).* The deal is only on July 3 and July 4 so make sure that you won’t miss this big event.


Start your restaurant directory business with DiningEngine

As many of you have noticed in our plan for June, we have quite a lot of products to introduce in this month.

Starting with EstateEngine, we are now happy to offer another theme in the DirectoryEngine’s series: DiningEngine. DiningEngine is the most powerful & highly customizable restaurant, cafe & bistro WordPress listing directory theme in the frontend.

Looking for a directory WordPress theme to introduce restaurants in your local? DiningEngine is your answer. Basically, all the useful features in DirectoryEngine are applied in DiningEngine. What make it different from the original version is the specific sections for your restaurant directory business.

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Introducing good restaurants with suggested section

Besides displaying all the submitted restaurants, you are offered a content block to suggest some popular ones.

For each suggested restaurant, there will be a big photo representing it together with a brief information. Customers can take a glimpse at the restaurants’ selling points and these suggestion will be a good preference for them to make the decisions.

blog restaurant - DiningEngine


EngineThemes’ plan in June

Welcome the sunny month, we’re happy to share our plan for June with you. Many features will be added and improved to align with your business projection.

The updates includes the big changes in three themes: ClassifiedEngine, DirectoryEngine and FreelanceEngine. Moreover, a totally new product will be released to help you manage your business better. June will be a busy yet exciting month.

EngineThemes_update_php - WordPress application themes


EstateEngine- an upgraded version of DirectoryEngine

Since the day we released DirectoryEngine, we’ve received a lot of questions regarding customization. Understand that each business has it own requirements, today we are happy to introduce a new theme based on DirectoryEngine – EstateEngine.

The name speaks for itself, this theme is dedicated for those who want to run a real estate site. Since buyers spend a lot of time doing online research before purchasing a home or a property, a powerful and attractive real estate site is the first step in making a sale.

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A totally new attractive home page

EstateEngine provides you an optimized, beautiful design that you can use without putting away any critical features from DirectoryEngine or having to learn a new system. And of course, it’s created as a good practice for your real estate website.

New content blocks

Take the design a step further, EstateEngine offers you a lively home page. Together with the new content blocks such as: service custom, latest deals…the appearance of each block is remade to enhance the visual effects.

Different from the old version that the places are only displayed similarly in row. The new version allows you to display the listings alternatively with different sizes. By this way, users will have a refreshing feeling and focus more on each listing.


New categories appearance

As for the categories, forget the normal symbols, you are offered a totally new packages with colorful and stunning ones. Users can also quickly notice how many listings are added in each category. Furthermore, you can displayed the category list in both horizontal and vertical style.

And the most special thing, new widgets are implemented so that users can quickly obtain the site information.



EngineThemes Partners & Perks

EngineThemes aims to deliver customers all the best experience and solutions through our partnerships. Our motto is “Together we can make a difference” therefore, we partner with many extraordinary companies in WordPress field (maybe even more, wink). Their passions have inspired us and their expertise enables us to do much more than what we can do alone.

customerperks-800x463 (more…)

Complete your real estate website with EstateEngine v1.1.1



EngineThemes_update_php - WordPress application themes

In EstateEngine version 1.1.1, the display errors have been fixed so that users can have a better experience in your real estate site:


Welcome the Autumn with the biggest EngineThemes’ discount event ever!

EngineThemes_update_php - WordPress application themes

To celebrate the birth of a great star and welcome the most comfortable season, we are happy to offer you one of the greatest promotion events of the year.

For this July, when you purchase DiningEngine, you will receive 40% discount for the packages right away.


Is EstateEngine a good practice for your real estate website?

EstateEngine is a WordPress application theme which helps you to build up a real estate website.

Using it, you can create an online community where users can: find the deals, do the research, get properties sold, connect with other investors, learn how to improve the businesses…and even more.

WordPress Customizer now works in FreelanceEngine version 1.5.3

FreelaneEngine version 1.5.3

Previously, there was some problems with customization feature in FreelanceEngine. The loading speed was slow and sometimes you couldn’t make changes for the theme.

The problem has been fixed in this version, theme color customization is updated and moved to front-end. You can set color right in the front-end without trouble now.

Moreover, FreelanceEngine is totally compatible with ET Mailing. You can start using it to track and manage email notification in your site.

freelanceengine 1.6


EngineThemes’ Perks: MaxCDN

Wanna speed up your website? Then you will need CDN (Content Delivery Network) service.
Probably  not many of you are fully aware of  CDN, while having it is very helpful for your global business  In this blog post, we will give you  an overview of CDN and how our partner, MaxCDN, can help your business .

What is MaxCDN?

MaxCDN is a content delivery network provider that helps companies accelerate static and dynamic content around the world. Their content delivery network is a large distributed network of servers which are used to serve a website’s files to its visitors.

When a visitor come to your WordPress site, they will be directed to your web host’s server (i.e HostGator). For example, your web host’s server is located in Austin, Texas. It means every visitors of your website all have to access this one server to view your website. If the traffic gets high, your server will be overloaded which can cause slow loading time or even server crash.



Updating Font Awesome in DirectoryEngine

As mentioned in our plan for June, we’ll keep updating the products with bug fixes and new features so that you will have a more stable site.

For this week, please check out DirectoryEngine version 1.8.8.

Introducing new packages for DirectoryEngine and FreelanceEngine

Today, we are happy to introduce the latest packages applied for the two premium themes: DirectoryEngine and FreelanceEngine.

Similar to ClassifiedEngine and JobEngine packages, the new ones offer you themes and extensions with more than 20% discount on the products.

Get all the extensions at a good price, you can then extend your themes with even more features.

Sounds great, right? And it’s even more, if you’ve already purchased the themes, you can easily upgrade your current plan to a better solution.



Other updates: DirectoryEngine, FreelanceEngine and ClassifiedEngine

EngineThemes_update_php - WordPress application themes

Together with the updates which were released 2 days ago, FreelanceEngine, DirectoryEngine and ClassifiedEngine also release their newest versions including some bug fixes:


EngineThemes’ updates: JobEngine, QAEngine, ForumEngine

This week updates focus on some bug fixes so that your site performance will be better.

QAEngine version 1.5.3

A new option is added in QAEngine: Login to view Answer. The name speaks for itself, if you enable this option, users have to log in to view the answers.

login to view answer-QAEngine


WeddingEngine Free Upgrade

We are so grateful to receive a lot of support and questions asking about our WeddingEngine from you guys in the previous weeks.

Finally… the time has come!

EngineThemes is excited to announce the release of our beautiful and elegant wedding theme: WeddingEngine.

This wedding theme is built for couples to create their personalized wedding websites easily and quickly. WeddingEngine is a One Page WordPress theme that features unique sections made just for weddings. Visit Demo here to see all the features!

weddingengine (more…)

WeddingEngine: a love-inspired WordPress wedding theme

Wedding date is one of the most important moment in your life. And as they say, “A great marriage isn’t something that just happens; it’s something that must be created”. WeddingEngine is built to help you create the most memorable wedding ever.

WeddingEngine is a WordPress wedding template which helps you to create a beautiful informative wedding website which is easily to set up and personalized.

Even if you are a wedding planner who want to provide additional service for the wedding couples, a developer who is looking for a new business service or a newly bride/groom who want to make a remembrance for your wedding: WeddingEngine is your solution.

WE big header - WeddingEngine


DirectoryEngine v1.8.6 now supports responsive header menu

The header menu is now completely responsive in DirectoryEngine v1.8.6. When users access your site via other small screen devices, the menu items will be hidden under a button. You can then click on it and view all the content.

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