Lunar New Year Giveaway


Dear friends,

Thanks for your supporting over the last month. We have set a new sale record and just marked the first quarter of 2015 the best growing one in just the second month compared to the quarters of 2014. That was such a big jump and we’d like to thank you all for your kind encouragement and frank feedback so we can improved ourselves day by day. Certainly, it’s a great chance to celebrate, especially after the Lunar New Year, when people usually send giveaways for good luck throughout the year.

Giveaway Rules:

The giveaway will run from now until the end of February 28th. A random entry will be picked each day for a random giveaway including ClassifiedEngine, JobEngine, DirectoryEngine, FreelanceEngine or 3 extensions of your choice.


EngineThemes’ products overview

Showcase Products_800x800


A fully functional WordPress job board theme which helps you to realize your professional job board. JobEngine theme combines powerful customization tools with a simple user experience.

Smart design tools: Easily creating striking layouts for your site with the Adaptive Color Scheme right in the front-end.

Compatible with WPML: Make your site goes global with WPML supported, you can take advantage of this plugin and create your multilingual site

Mobile Optimized: Our dedicated mobile themes are specially built for all mobile devices.

Different extensions: A store full of helpful extensions is waiting for you. Choose some suitable ones and optimized your job board even more.

Package option: We offer JobEngine Full Package so you can purchase the theme and all extensions with a discount up to 35%. Full Package will automatically update future extensions. Insane, huh? We’re doing it for real!


Sweeping out the bugs in FreelanceEngine and DirectoryEngine

Together with the new extensions, we’re happy to introduce two new updates: FreelanceEngine version 1.3.4 and DirectoryEngine version 1.8.2. The updates include some small implementations and bugs fixes, which help you to remove the issues and welcome a bright new year.

FreelanceEngine version 1.3.4

Number format setting

A new section is implemented in the number format setting. You now can decide the number of decimal points beside setting up the decimal and thousand separators for currency.

number format-FreelanceEnigne


7 things you may have missed last week

  1. Buy 1 theme get 1 extension for FREE

In order to add some sweets to your Valentine, EngineThemes is holding a special event which you can receive a free extension when a theme purchase is successfully made.

Valentine’s Day has been passed? Keep calm because the event lasts till Feb 22nd.

valentine - enginethemes (more…)

Happy Valentine’s Day! My friends

Just want to let you know that you are the heart of our business and we really appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

As a thank you for your continued support and loyalty during the time, we want to offer you some sweet chocolates in this special day.

Here we are, two new FREE extensions are coming knocking at your door: ET Mailing and AE PayUMoney.

ET Mailing

Running a website, you have to set up email notifications sending to your customers in different occasions. However, there’ll be a time your emails can’t reach to the users or being marked as “spam”. In order to help you get rid of these inconvenience, we’d like to introduce ET Mailing.

Supported by Mailgun and Mandrill – the two famous transaction email services, ET Mailing helps you to send, receive, track and store emails effortlessly. The emails will have a better chance of appearing in the inbox and if there’s something wrong, you’ll be informed. You’ll always know what has happened to every email.

ae mailing-FreelanceEngine

Once ET Mailing is activated, you can easily find it in your dashboard and start setting it up. You can decide the information being displayed in your email as well as enable some features to get the records. The system will keep track how many people have opened your email and whether they click the links on your emails.

What’s so special about ET Mailing? You can use it in any WordPress themes even if it’s not one of EngineThemes’ products.

Learn more about configuration process here.


Notification on Lunar New Year Holiday 2015


“East or west, home is best.”

Lunar New Year is the most important traditional festival in Vietnam. Like Christmas when people come back to family, Lunar New Year means the same to Asians.

Thus, we’ll be off from February 14th to February 23rd.


QAEngine is updated to the latest version: v1.5

QAEngine is back with improvements to make your site more stable and of course better.

Google ReCaptcha implementation

From now on, whenever users sign up or post a question, they will have to insert Google captcha. With this implementation, you can reduce the number of spam comments on your site for sure.



Valentine ‘s around the corner!


Happy Valentine ’s! Our office is already filled with chocolate, clever jokes and laughter. Love is really in the air. Let’s share the happiness together!

From February 9th to 22nd, every theme purchase will get a free related extension. (more…)

Welcome the Lunar new year with AE PayPal Digital Goods

The year of the Goat is coming, to celebrate the upcoming holiday, we want to introduce new sibling in AppEngine family: AE PayPal Digital Goods.

Hopefully, they will be a great help for your business.

AE PayPal Digital Goods

AE PayPal Digital Goods offers an option to conveniently process PayPal payments right from your site. In the previous versions, when customer check out, they will be directed to a different page which requires them to log into their PayPal account.

Using AE PayPal Digital Goods, your users can directly make the payment via PayPal Express and won’t have to visit another site any more. As a result, you can serve your customers better and may improve your sales. According to PayPal’s website, the Express Checkout button “can increase sales by 14% on average and has conversion rates that are 23% higher than standard checkout”.

Moreover, there’s no hard work needed when setting up the feature, just insert the required information in the setting and it’ll be ready to use.

You can learn more about this extension following this link.

payapal - FreelanceEngine

View Demo         Buy for $29


Prevent non-logged in users from viewing Project details in FreelanceEngine

This is a tutorial for FreelanceEngine. It helps you prevent non-logged in users viewing the project details.

We can use WordPress’s hook: template_redirect to do this.  Simply add the below code to your child theme functions.php.


Override AE mail header and footer in FreelanceEngine

Hi there,

Today, we’ll guide you how to change the email’s header and footer sent to the users in FreelanceEngine.

The email functions are located in “class-ae-mailing.php”. The email content is included in this code:


Therefore you can modify email’s header and footer by overriding 2 functions: get_mail_header, get_mail_footer.


Big change in EngineThemes’ Forum

Dear our beloved customers,

Following the process to improve our support service, today, we want to inform you some changes in our forum – EngineThemes’ official support channel.

From now on, customers can access our forum via the new link: The forum will run faster and more smoothly. Besides, together with the Tickets system, they will help us serve you better.

However, please note down these small notifications:

  • For those who have purchased our products from Themeforest, your accounts were downgraded with the new forum. Therefore, please update your account once again. Insert your Purchase code to the profile and your account will be upgraded to “Customer”.
  • Also, the “Auto update” feature is temporary unavailable. In the meantime, to update the theme, please use your FTP account to manually install it. You can check out this article for more details.
    We’ll soon recover the feature in the themes’ next updates.

We apology for any inconvenience it may cause. Hope that this update will give you more satisfaction with our support service.


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