MicrojobEngine: The Ultimate WordPress Theme for Freelance Marketplaces

If you’re looking to create a freelance marketplace website, MicrojobEngine is a powerful WordPress theme that can help you get started. Developed by EngineThemes, this theme is designed specifically for creating marketplaces where employers can post jobs and freelancers can offer their services. Get MicrojobEngine Now You can see this video to know how to […]

How to Install FreelanceEngine on Your WordPress Site: A Step-by-Step Guide

FreelanceEngine is a powerful WordPress theme designed specifically for creating freelance marketplaces or job boards. It’s an ideal solution for anyone who wants to build a platform where freelancers can offer their services and businesses can find the talent they need. With FreelanceEngine, you can easily create a professional and user-friendly platform that includes features […]

How to Install and Set Up DirectoryEngine WordPress Theme: A Step-by-Step Guide

DirectoryEngine is a powerful WordPress theme designed specifically for creating directory websites. Developed by EngineThemes, it offers a wide range of features and functionalities that make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to create a professional directory website. One of the most important features of DirectoryEngine is its ease of use. The theme comes […]

Increase User Satisfaction on Your Microjob Marketplace with Chaty Plugin

The MicrojobEngine theme is a popular WordPress theme that is designed to help users create a marketplace website for microjobs or small services. It offers a range of features and options that make it a powerful and flexible theme. However, to improve the user experience for visitors to your website, you may want to consider […]

Create a Community-Driven Website with QAEngine WordPress Theme

QAEngine is a premium WordPress theme that is specifically designed to create question-and-answer websites, forums, and knowledge base websites. The theme provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to set up and manage your community-driven website. With its built-in features, you can create an engaging platform where users can ask questions, share […]

5 Reasons to Use WPForms Lite Plugin with QAEngine

Why You Should Use WPForms Lite Plugin with QAEngine If you’re using QAEngine to create a question and answer website or forum, you may be wondering how you can improve the user experience and engagement on your site. One way to do this is by using the WPForms Lite plugin with QAEngine. WPForms Lite is […]

Max Mega Menu Plugin for MicrojobEngine: Enhance Navigation and User Experience

MicrojobEngine is a powerful WordPress theme that enables you to create a marketplace for small jobs. With its user-friendly dashboard, robust features for job listing and search, and built-in payment processing, MicrojobEngine makes it easy to create and manage a successful freelance marketplace. However, one area that users may find challenging is navigation. With a […]

How to Enhance Your Freelance Marketplace Website with Smart Slider 3

Smart Slider 3 is a popular WordPress plugin that enables users to create fully responsive and customizable sliders for their websites. With its user-friendly interface and vast array of features and functionalities, Smart Slider 3 has become a go-to plugin for web designers and developers. If you’re using FreelanceEngine to create a freelance marketplace website, […]

How to Increase Your Forum Website’s Reach with AddToAny Share Buttons Plugin

If you’re running a forum website on WordPress using the ForumEngine theme, you’ll want to ensure that your users can easily share your content on social media platforms and messaging apps. That’s where the “AddToAny Share Buttons” plugin comes in. AddToAny Share Buttons is a powerful and easy-to-use plugin that allows you to add social […]

Improve Your Freelance Business with Fuse Social Floating Sidebar

As a freelance professional, your website is the face of your business. It is crucial to make a good impression on potential clients and provide them with an easy way to connect with you. One way to achieve this is by using the Fuse Social Floating Sidebar plugin with FreelanceEngine. The Fuse Social Floating Sidebar […]

Boost Your MicrojobEngine Marketplace with Facebook Messenger Customer Chat Plugin

If you are running a MicrojobEngine marketplace, you want to provide your customers with the best experience possible. One way to do this is by using the Facebook Messenger Customer Chat plugin. Here are a few reasons why you should consider integrating the plugin with your MicrojobEngine website. 1. Improved customer communication By adding the […]

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Set Up WP SMTP by WP Form with ForumEngine Theme

ForumEngine is a powerful and customizable WordPress theme designed for creating discussion forums, community portals, and online discussion boards. With ForumEngine, you can easily set up a fully functional forum site and engage your audience in meaningful conversations. However, to make your forum site more effective, you need to ensure that your email delivery system […]

JobEngine v2.10.1 – Compatible with PHP 8

    JobEngine v2.10.1

    • compatible with PHP 8.x (current version at the moment of this release is PHP 8.2.2)
    • upgrade old Google Maps API approach to the new API version
    • fix tinyMce compatibility issue
    • update jQuery to latest version
    • multiple minor bug fixes

    Extension Updates

    • JE extensions are now compatible with PHP 8, just like the core theme
    • JE Job Map v1.5: using the new Google Maps API to show active jobs on the map
    • JE Custom Fields v2.4
    • JE Job Alert v2.3
    • JE Jobroll v1.2.2

    QAEngine v2.1 – Compatible with PHP 8

    QAEngine v2.1

    • compatible with PHP 8.x (current version at the moment of this release is PHP 8.2.2)
    • upgrade old Google Sign-in approach to the new API version
    • fix payment with cash method for pump packages
    • multiple minor bug fixes

    MicrojobEngine v1.3.10 & extension MjE Recruit v1.2.5

    MicrojobEngine v1.3.10 Clarify the payment step: show to users which packages they have purchased before and how many posts left in their purchased packages Update Chosen library to latest version Add real time support for notifications Improve displaying the price details of an order for service providers in the order page. Fix: also include extra […]

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