FrE Crypto Payment – Allows users to use BTC/BCH in your freelance marketplace

Introduction Bitcoin is a digital currency created back in January 2009. It follows the ideas set out in a whitepaper by the mysterious and pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. At the current time, Bitcoin has become the most valuable digital currency. The demand to use Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies for payment has also increased greatly. […]

Updates: MjE v1.3.9.7, MjE Geolocation & MjE Recruit

– Fix auto expired mJobs. – Fix conflict issue with Elementor page builder (not able to filter orders by payment & status in admin dashboard) – Fix homepage search form layout in smaller screens when using Mje Geolocation extension – Fix Mje Recruit extension, add Recruit block for building custom homepage with Elementor

FreelanceEngine extension: FrE Membership v2.0


FrE Membership extension is a plugin for FreelanceEngine. It allows admin to create membership plans for site users to subscribe. The plans can be monthly, 3-months, 6-months, yearly or custom set by admins; and subscribers of these plans will be automatically charged when expired.

Each plan lets admins set the number of posts/bids an employer/freelancer can use during their active subscription. There is also an option for the availability duration of those posts/bids.

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FreelanceEngine v1.8.18: Building Custom Homepage with Elementor

freelanceengine v1.8.18 - build custom homepage with page builder


One of the most requested features for FreelanceEngine has been included in this latest release: you can now build custom pages for your freelance marketplace by using Elementor, one of the most popular page builder plugins.

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This feature is surely a big help for normal users. You don’t have to be a professional in web development to be able to build a homepage of your taste, using various customization options. You can build up and customize almost every detail and element in your homepage.


MjEGeolocation – Address-based mjob filter

To wrap up 2019, we are here with the most requested feature for a freelance marketplace: Geolocation.

MjE Geolocation official launch promotion is available until 2nd January 2020. If you don’t want to miss the deal, use mjegeo for 35% discount off this plugin purchase now




FrE Credit Plus – Custom amount deposits, flexible packages and more!

FreelanceEngine Credit Extension 1.0

We are grateful for this journey of FreelanceEngine. This August, we have made FrE Credit a free plugin for FreelanceEngine. Along the way, we have released FrE Credit Plus with all the features you need for your Credit system. Simply install FrE Credit Plus along with FrE Credit on your freelance WordPress website.

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FrE Membership is here – The most wanted plugin for subscription payment.

This May, we would like to introduce to you the FrE Membership plugin.

FrE Membership – one of the most requested feature for FreelanceEngine package has officially been released. It allows admin to charge site users for a monthly fee. Your site users will be notified by email with payment link to pay for another monthly subscription.


[ANNOUNCEMENT] MicrojobEngine turns 3 years old today. Get MjE Pro now with superb deals!!!

It has been an extraordinary journey of MicrojobEngine with EngineThemes and we are celebrating the 3 year-old product today.

You definitely don’t want to miss the awesome discount to purchase MicrojobEngine PRO Package!


MjE Extra Fees Extension – An Efficient Way To Add Custom Fees For mJobs.

The exclusive MjE Extra Fees Extension is finally here!

MjE Extra Fees Extension – one of the most important components of MicrojobEngine Pro package has officially been released. It comes with amazing feature that allows admin to add additional fees to mJobs. These custom fees will be added to all the active mJobs on your site.


MjE MOLPay – The New Payment Gateway For Malaysia business

MicrojobEngine users, are you excited for the release of MjE Molpay Extension?


MjE Discount – Get The Advantages Of Offering Discounts For Your Users

It’s our third year with MicrojobEngine now. And that’s why you can expect more and more good news and upgrade from Enginethemes team. This time we want to introduce you our latest plugin: MjE Discount.


MJE Featured mJob Extension – More Conversion For Your Freelancers.

MJE Featured mJob Extension – Simple way to gain more conversion for your freelancers.

As our promise in the roadmap for the MicrojobEngine Pro package, MjE Featured mJob Extension is now available for download and use to your business.


FreelanceEngine and MicrojobEngine Have Arrived, With Updates For The GDPR

We have just released updates for FreelanceEngine and MicrojobEngine to improve compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. Read this post to learn more about the changes and improvements introduced with the updates.



MjE Recruit is here – Start recruiting now!

If you’re a huge fan of both FreelanceEngine and MicrojobEngine, you may have thought about integrating these two awesome themes. FreelanceEngine seems to be the perfect platform yet but you want to remove bidding feature. MjE Recruit would be a perfect solution for your business!

mje recruit


Since 2012, EngineThemes has created premium WordPress themes with the satisfaction thousand valued customers. As part of our continuing efforts to provide best product to our customers, we are excited to introduce to you MjE Recruit. This plugin is the result of all the feedbacks we gathered from our valued customers.  We want to build MjE Recruit to give you and your users more choices and a easier way to find the perfect partners.


Sneak Peek: MjE Recruit – Beyond mjob requests

mje recruit for microjobengine

We always take the customer’s perspective to ensure that we offer impressive products and services. As the recent years, with continuous efforts, EngineThemes always focus on innovation and quality. Customer satisfaction has been the cornerstone of its growing success and remains the keystone of its ongoing.

On the need for simplifying and creating a new and more efficient process than its predecessor, this post is about how the MjE Recruit plugin was born.

Let’s check it out!


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