Wrap-up for a busy month and moving forward

March has been a super busy month for us since we decided to push all our effort to the limit. Although there were a few changes to our original release plan, we reached most of the targets and even add a few other updates along the way. Let’s go through the latest versions of the themes in this post.

JobEngine v2.8

Following version 2.7, which allows jobseekers to post and edit resume from their mobile devices, employers now can also submit their jobs from the small screens in this latest version. This is one of the most important features that we have implemented in our recent updates and also the one being requested most by our customers.

Introduce the Ideas section. Release FE Ideas, ForumEngine v1.2.5 & HotelEngine

Submit your Ideas to EngineThemes

We have been receiving lots and lots of ideas from our beloved customers about new features or new themes to implement. Your ideas have help us to provide a better service and better products over time. Thank you!

Today, we’re excited to introduce the new “Ideas” categories in our official Forums. This should be your place to go to every time you think of essential features we haven’t implemented, or when you have an awesome theme/plugin idea you think we should look into.

Just log into your customer account, and you can start submitting idea threads. Make sure you express each idea in a separate thread for easier rating and reviewing.

Well, you should visit the forums to get your ideas heard now!

HotelEngine debuts its Classy theme

Your hotel stands tall on where it is. Customers come and you welcome them in the most hospitable way. These days, however, most customers do their first visit through your hotel’s website before they come to your hotel building.

Your website is the online salesperson of your accommodations, and one of the priorities in your to-do list must be to ensure that your site reflects 100% of your quality service. HotelEngine is built to showcase every part of your hotel’s great service.

Is your hotel a style of comfort? EngineThemes launched HotelEngine Comfy earlier this week. Check out our post of this theme.

Is your hotel a style of elegance? HotelEngine Classy suits right your taste. The theme boasts a classy, sleek design and functional, easy-to-use features.

EngineThemes opens Forums and Language Center sites to public


EngineThemes community is getting bigger and this calls for one venue where we can do things and find stuffs easily. So we pooled our themes in a forum site – proudly powered by our theme ForumEngine; and of course, our future launches will be added there, too.

The good news? We are opening the forum to the public!

Demo website upgrade for easy browsing and testing

Greetings! We’re glad to announce an update for our demo sites. It is a change we’ve long wanted to make to help our users easily preview our themes in different devices.

As you visit the demo websites, you’ll now notice a red bar at the top of your browsers. You can easily change the theme to give a test drive, view the backend dashboard, or select a platform to see the theme in different devices like desktop computers, tablets or smartphones.

If you wish to view the theme in full browser without the appearance of the demo bar, just click the Close button on the right. Simple.

We hope this small update will serve you better.

Wish you a great new week!

Work in progress: JobEngine jobseeker module

Well, we’ve received a lot of requests from our dear customers to support a jobseeker section in JobEngine. Guess what? We’ve actually been working on one since last month!

Although we’re still figuring how things should work and changing them around for the most optimized user experience, the first round of our design work has come down to a notable version and we just can’t wait to reveal to you some parts of it.

Basically, the module inherits the current JobEngine style and strictly follows the simplicity philosophy of EngineThemes. We asked questions and looked for answers under different roles and perspectives. What would job board owners really need when supporting jobseekers in their job boards? More important, what should they need to support? What would employers look for when they’re searching for a qualified candidate? And how would jobseekers want their professional profiles built?

This way of brainstorming makes sure the final design first to be useful for its audience, then to be elegantly clear and clean.

Introducing the EngineThemes Extensions page

Optimized plugins. Great job board solutions. Welcome to EngineThemes’ Extension page!

Call this a fashion store of your EngineThemes’ sites, but mind you, ET extensions are more than mere style. They are necessities as your purchase of every extension explicitly echoes what’s on your head, “I badly need this for my site.”

We’ve been receiving a slew of helpful feedback from our dear customers over time. Many of those feedback contain requests for new features for JobEngine.

Amid these calls, we don’t just implement every requested feature in haste. JobEngine sticks to its value of what a simple and effective job board is. More importantly, we value our customers’ requests by carefully analyzing the ideas and asking ourselves a lot of related, relevant questions.

Well, our existing plugins are the results of combined hard work and critical minds of EngineThemes’ team and our customers. And this is why not everything you want for your website is in this page — only the features well thought out to aid your site achieve greater performance.

Weekly Update: JobEngine v1.0.7 and Lunar New Year holiday break

We’ve got news and heads-up for your JobEngine and one really important notice on this update. Just two minutes and you’re through reading this post. Well, roughly two minutes. It could be less or more – depends largely on your reading pace.

New Sidebars

In previous versions, JobEngine allotted two spots for the widgets, the Main Sidebar in the Home page and the Blog Sidebar. But there aren’t only 10 widgets available in WordPress, not to mention the ones we created. With just two locations for them, we realized this congests the two important pages when job boarders choose to include a number of widgets. Moreover, it gives job boarders not much leeway to strategically position the widgets and leave nothing significant unnoticed.

So JobEngine added three more strategic spots for your most needed widgets on the site.

EngineThemes Wants to Make WordPress Themes Easier to Use than Ever

It’s time to make WordPress design easy for everyone. That’s why our team of WordPress designers and developers came together to launch Engine Themes, and we’re thrilled to release our first theme today, JobEngine.

Our philosophy is simple. If you need to hire someone to help you with your WordPress theme, then that theme is not right for you. Unfortunately, that’s a problem we see many WordPress bloggers and website owners face every day, and it’s a problem that we want to solve with easy-to-use themes that are both logical and elegant.

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