Update Announcement: First Half Year Wrap-Up! (2018)


Introducing our new knowledge base: Engine Guides


Including all the information you need to know about EngineThemes.

With some basic keywords describing your problem you will immediately find our answer about all your concern.


MicrojobEngine Recruit Giveaway: Winner Announcement


Congratulations to all Giveaway Winners!
Many thanks to everyone who participated in the MjE Recruit plugin Giveaway!

MjE Recruit is here – Start recruiting now!

If you’re a huge fan of both FreelanceEngine and MicrojobEngine, you may have thought about integrating these two awesome themes. FreelanceEngine seems to be the perfect platform yet but you want to remove bidding feature. MjE Recruit would be a perfect solution for your business!

mje recruit


Since 2012, EngineThemes has created premium WordPress themes with the satisfaction thousand valued customers. As part of our continuing efforts to provide best product to our customers, we are excited to introduce to you MjE Recruit. This plugin is the result of all the feedbacks we gathered from our valued customers.  We want to build MjE Recruit to give you and your users more choices and a easier way to find the perfect partners.


Sneak Peek: MjE Recruit – Beyond mjob requests

mje recruit for microjobengine

We always take the customer’s perspective to ensure that we offer impressive products and services. As the recent years, with continuous efforts, EngineThemes always focus on innovation and quality. Customer satisfaction has been the cornerstone of its growing success and remains the keystone of its ongoing.

On the need for simplifying and creating a new and more efficient process than its predecessor, this post is about how the MjE Recruit plugin was born.

Let’s check it out!


Paypal Adaptive Payments Moved to Limited Release!

Please note that:

  • Paypal Adaptive Payments is now a limited release product. It is restricted to select partners for approved use cases and should not be used for new integrations without guidance from PayPal.
  • This feature is still available for customers had signed up before the policy change that’s why it’s still not removed from our system.
  • For replacement option, you can choose FrE Credit or Stripe Escrow regardless of region.


MicrojobEngine 1.3.4 Has Arrived, Along With PayUMoney For India Extension!

MicrojobEngine 1.3.4 has been released with some new improvements and bug fixes to be compatible with PHP 7, MjE Bookmark 1.0.1 is updated as well.


  • Be compatible with PHP 7.
  • New sample data.
  • New payment gateway – MjE PayUMoney for India merchants. (more…)

MjE PayUMoney For India – A World Class Security Payment For Indian Businesses

As mentioned in our roadmap, MjE PayUMoney is the next payment gateway integrated into MicrojobEngine to help your users have more choices when checkout on your service marketplace. That’s why today we are here to announce you that MjE PayUMoney for India extension is officially rolled out.



FreelanceEngine 1.8.2 Has Arrived, Bringing You The UI Completion & Other Bug Fixes


FreelanceEngine 1.8.2 is here today! This release brings you the UI completion which we carried out in version 1.8. We hope our new update will take your experience to the next level with more elegant and attractive interface.

***Note: Once you update your site to FreelanceEngine 1.8.2, the whole database on your site will be automatically updated. Thus, you must backup your database in advance to avoid being lost all files and data when the nasty happens.

New capabilities of version 1.8.2 include:

  • FreelanceEngine is now compatible with WordPress 4.8 & PHP 7.
  • Filter by worked project is now available for employers to search freelancers in the profiles page.
  • New “My Profile” page for both freelancers and employers.
  • Old tabs located in my profile page are now separated into particular pages such as My Credit, My Private Message, and My Project.
  • New dispute page in case of debate.
  • Update UX/UI in the project details page and workspace.
  • Bug fixes.


MicrojobEngine 1.3.3 Has Arrived, Including Credit Top-Up and Advanced Filter

We are excited to announce that MicrojobEngine 1.3.3 is officially released with some great features & improvements, including Credit Top-up and Advanced Filter. Besides, our theme is now compatible with WordPress 4.8.


  • Before updating your site to MicrojobEngine 1.3.3, please backup your database in advance to avoid losing all files and data when the nasty happens.
  • Updating the database for proper filter function.
  • Along with MicrojobEngine 1.3.3, MjE Job Verification is also updated to the latest version 1.0.2.


Announcement: Update To Our Terms Of Service

tos update announcement

Please note that EngineThemes Terms of Service are updated with some remarkable changes:

  • Product License
  • Product Updates
  • Product Compatibility
  • Support Policy

Here’re some more details:  (more…)

How to build an online marketplace website? Code your own, hire a web professional or use WordPress?


After determining proper business models for your marketplace, it’s time to find an appropriate technical solution to build up the platform. To create an online marketplace, there are 3 popular options: writing the codes on your own, hiring a web professional team, or using WordPress software. Each choice has its own pros and cons, which will be discussed in this post to help you have a better decision.


How much commission fee to charge your users in online marketplace


To build a pricing strategy for your marketplace is not easy. What works for this marketplace might not work for the others. Many people may prefer high rate while others think a very low rate would be effective in attracting a lot of users to site. There’s no right or wrong answer since each marketplace has its own business strategy including pricing structure to remain competitive in the market while still being able to make profit out of it.

Commission fee is the most popular business model whose pricing structure is also complicated to determine. How much should you charge? Should it be a same flat rate for every transaction or the percentage of the total sum? Who will pay the bill? The buyers, the sellers, or both? There’s no correct formula for this but we will discuss important aspects to  help you decide the pricing for your marketplace.


Complete Guide To Remove The “Uncategorized” Category

remove uncategorized

Whenever you install a WordPress blog, you will find that all of your posts are automatically being categorized as “uncategorized.” In case you forget to assign a post to a category, WordPress will publish it as “uncategorized” in default. That’s why there are a ton of posts listed as uncategorized if you don’t have in the habit of assigning the category for the post. It actually makes your site look unprofessional 😔

How can you get rid of this?

You can either choose the new category or rename this default category. (more…)

How to setup Google Analytics in your WordPress site

google analytics

Whether you are a business owner or marketer, you have ever heard about Google Analytics and its benefits. This tool is the most website tracking service that allows you to collect data and get the insight you need to optimize your marketing campaign as well as boost up the revenue.

You will probably imagine that there are too many complicated steps to set up and integrate the tool into your web such as getting the tracking code, installing Google Analytics to your site, etc. But it’s much more simple than you think if your site is running our theme. That’s because Google Analytics is available in our themes, so you only need to insert the tracking code to the Google Analytics Script field. It only takes you 1 minutes to set up.

Update: FreelanceEngine 1.8.1

FrE 1.8.1

FreelanceEngine 1.8.1 has been updated its version hotfix. Some bugs such as social login, logo footer replacement, and PHP 7.x & SQL warning are resolved.

Bug fixes

  • Users are now can seamlessly log in via their social account such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.
  • You are able to replace the default logo footer from this version (CustomizeSite Identity Site Logo).
  • New sample data is available to install.
  • Resolve the PHP 7.x and SQL warning.
  • Minor UI changes.
  • Fix bug of category receiver limitation.
  • Hide the customization mode on front-end.   
  • Branding field is now integrated into the customize section (AppearanceCustomize).


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