Introducing Customization Service

Got a WordPress theme, but it is not yet your dream website? Still lots of work to do, but time is limited. The goal is to achieve the greatest results without spending too much time. Let EngineThemes cut the stress for you! We are now offering Customization Service that allows you to customize WordPress themes tailored to your expectations.

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Prevent non-logged in users from viewing Project details in FreelanceEngine

This is a tutorial for FreelanceEngine. It helps you prevent non-logged in users viewing the project details.

We can use WordPress’s hook: template_redirect to do this.  Simply add the below code to your child theme functions.php.


Override AE mail header and footer in FreelanceEngine

Hi there,

Today, we’ll guide you how to change the email’s header and footer sent to the users in FreelanceEngine.

The email functions are located in “class-ae-mailing.php”. The email content is included in this code:


Therefore you can modify email’s header and footer by overriding 2 functions: get_mail_header, get_mail_footer.


How to integrate new Payment Gateway into JobEngine & ClassifiedEngine

First, we need to add a checkout button, we can add it before or after JobEngine or ClassiFiedEngine default checkout buttons.

Example, I add Stripe checkout button:

FreelanceEngine: Payment Gateway Integration

After researching and implementing a new payment gateway for your site, this tutorial will help you show the new payment gateway on your site along with existing gateways like: Paypal and 2Checkout. (more…)

A quick guide to install ClassifiedEngine

Following the first Video tutorial, today, we want to introduce another helpful reference for you to set up your site: Installing ClassifiedEngine.
In this video, you will be guided for installing and setting up your WordPress classified ad site:

1. Upload the ClassifiedEngine theme.

2. Import the Sample data.

3. Complete the main settings.

4. Install WooCommerce and Revolution Slider.

5. Create the menu.

As usual, you can check out the detailed description here.


How to change slugs in JobEngine

Hello everyone,

A slug is a part of URL. For example, “job” is a slug of URL and “resume” is a slug of In order to change the slugs, JobEngine does have some filters for you to edit codes so it can define your website better, such as or

Sounds cool? Just a small trick will do the magic.


Installing your FreelanceEngine in 5 minutes

In an effort to provide better and faster support for our beloved customers. Alongside with the “Tutorials” page we’ve just created in our blog, we are happy to introduce another totally new section: Video Tutorials.

We understand that, videos are usually more effective than text. You can easily access the information and directly follow the instructions. We hope that it’ll be a great resource for you to manage and develop your business website.

For the very first post, we’d like to offer the basic yet essential video: How to install your FreelanceEngine.

Following this video, you will see a demonstration including the main steps to install and set up your site:

1. Upload the FreelanceEngine theme.
2. Import the sample data.
3. Create the menu.
4. Using the supported plugin: Revolution slider

Besides, you can also check out the full documentation with detailed instructions describing the video. And now, let take’s a look at it:

It’s always better when we’re together! If there is any video you think we should make, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our Forum Ideas.


How to make the price not required in ClassifiedEngine

Hi guys,

This tutorial is written to help you make price not required in ClassifiedEngine Theme.
Adding these codes to your child theme/functions.php

Tips to update your theme

This tutorial will help you keep some customization when updating the theme, no more worrying about losing the settings anymore. 1. PHP files: Simply copy the files (e.g: header.php or footer.php ) from parent-theme (forumengine) to the child-theme. 2. Javascript files: First, you have to add this code to the file “functions.php” in the child-theme […]

ClassifiedEngine: Sorting Price By Lowest to Highest

With the current version of ClassifiedEngine, when you search a product, you can sort by price from by highest to lowest. But can we sort products from the lowest price to the highest? The answer is YES. Here is what your result looks like in the front end: To do this, add these following codes […]

How to create custom fields in DirectoryEngine

Dear users, Today we’ll guide you how to add additional DirectoryEngine Directory WordPress Theme custom fields  for the “Edit a place” form. Simply follow three below steps to get the work done: Add input field so that the users can add field’s value. Save the field to database. Show the field. For example, we will try […]

ClassifiedEngine: Changing Revolution Slider Position

At your Homepage, slider appears at the top of the page, right below All Locations bar and Search bar as default. But if you would like to change position of Revolution Slider at Homepage, here is the way for you do that: To avoid overriding, copy index.php file into child-theme/index.php. Then, move line 10 get_template_part( ‘template-search’ […]

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