Check out new updates of JobEngine

In this new version of JobEngine, we’ve changed its template JS, which will help it compatible with more hostings. Besides, a bunch of extensions are also updated to get along with JE latest version:
– JE Indeed v3.5
– ET Slider v1.1
– JE SimplyHired v1.1.2
– JE RSS v2.2.2

QAEngine Giveaway Winners Announcement

Dear our beloved supporters,

Thank you to all those who participated in our QAEngine Giveaway event.

As mentioned in the Theme launch post, we promised to give free copies of QAEngine for 03 luckiest participants.

A week has passed and here are the winners of this event. Congratulations to all the lucky ones:

Updates: ForumEngine is updated to v1.4.8 and QAEngine releases its new version v1.0.2

ForumEngine v1.4.8

It’s been quite a while since you guys heard any news from ForumEngine, maybe some of you have considered whether we forgot it or not. The answer is NO, we’re still working on it besides introducing new product – QAEngine. And here you are, FE is back with some new updates:

1. Widget hashtag added
As many of you have known, hashtag is considered as a tool which helps you to rally information in a specific subject. With every topic you created, you can add different hashtag based on your preference.
In order to help users using your site easier, FE v1.4.8 offers you a hashtag widget. With the new widget we created, users can easily click one hashtag and see all the topics related. Therefore, they will have another solution to find and discuss the information they care.

Introducing QAEngine v1.0! Giving away 3 copies in the first week.

Knowledge is like a treasure coffer which you have to put effort to collect. The more you get, the wealthier you are. You might not become a Mr. Know-it-all in a short amount of time, but if you try hard to learn from people around you, you can gradually fulfill your coffer.

Understanding the needs of more knowledge base websites, we set out to build QAEngine, focusing on the goal to improve this learning & sharing experience, under the form of a question-and-answer WordPress theme.

We pushed out the design to ThemeForest last month and were glad to receive many great feedbacks for developing the theme even further. Today, EngineThemes proudly introduces the first release of our long-awaited product: QAEngine – the theme that will transform your WordPress site into a fully functional question-and-answer site and help you build an active and effective community.

ClassifiedEngine v1.6.2 improves the translation tool and fixes many bugs

ClassifiedEngine v1.6.2 provides new options in the Language and Currency setting sections:

– When admins create a new language, the system now creates a PO file in addition to a MO file. Therefore, they can localize their sites by downloading this PO file to their computers, doing the translation and then uploading the files later, which is more convenient.

15% discount for all extensions. And news about the coming QAEngine.

It is said that: Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.

As for using a new product, there’s no better way to understand one fully than directly exploring every aspect of its. You are not on your own with EngineThemes’ products, though. To help you use them effectively, we have provided the needed documentation in our help desk. With this blog post, we’re excited to announce the updated series of articles for all our extensions.

Looking back, we’ve released more than ten extensions for JobEngine, nine for ClassifiedEngine and one for ForumEngine. That’s a long list! This update round should lead you through everything easier and hopefully give you a better experience with EngineThemes’ products.

Update: JE Custom Fields v2.1.1

The new version of JE Custom Fields has some updates in the Resume section. The two new fields – image and file – are now available on mobile version. Jobseekers can use their mobile phones to upload their images or files, which make it easier to complete their resumes whenever they want.

Updates: JE RSS v2.2.1, JE Job Alert v2.1.1

1. JE RSS v2.2.1

In the previous version, whenever users viewed an imported job, they were redirected to its original source, which was a little bit inconvenient. With this new update for JE RSS, now users can view the imported jobs right in your site. They’ll only be redirected to the source link if they apply for the job.

2. JE Job Alert v2.1.1

The email notification system has been fixed in this update. You won’t receive emails right after you post or edit a job anymore. The system will only send you notification emails based on your settings.

JobEngine Updates: JE v2.8.7


JobEngine’s fixed bugs:

– Fix bug landing page
– Move modal login from footer to template

Introducing CE Coupon

As you can see, coupons have become really effective nowadays in the marketing field. They encourages customers to use your products since they know they are offered a cheaper price. Understanding the benefit of a successful coupon campaign would bring, we’re happy to introduce a trusted friend that helps you to start your campaign right away: CE COUPON.

CE Coupon allows admins to create discount codes for their package plans and sellers can now get a cheaper price by using these codes when posting ads.

ClassifiedEngine releases its new version: v1.6

Today, we’re happy to bring ClassifiedEngine back with 3 new improvements, which helps to increase your site’s performance and serve your users better.

Lazy loading images

This option would greatly speed up your website’s performance. Enabling it forces the browser to load the text before loading any images. Even better, images not visible in the active browser frame would only be loaded when users scroll down the site, which reduces the loading time at the beginning.

FREE WordPress One Page Theme – OneEngine: upgraded to v1.0 and officially released!

The first version of OneEngine was recently pushed out at the beginning of May. We’re more than excited that it has been downloaded over 2500 times in the last 2 weeks! Wow!

For those who have missed the news before, we’re proud to introduce the FREE theme to you once more time, now upgraded to version 1.0 with more content blocks!

Introducing OneEngine

OneEngine is a 100% FREE one page WordPress theme from EngineThemes!

Being a multi-purpose theme, OneEngine can be used to set-up different kinds of sites: portfolio, personal homepage or even a complex business website. It has the trending one-page structure and appear beautifully in any devices.

Updates: JE Custom Fields v2.1, JobEngine v2.8.6 & fixes for CE payment extensions

JE Custom Fields v2.1

The new version allows admins to create new fields for resumes. Jobseekers can now use these extra fields to upload images or their CVs, which will help to create a more professional resume.

Besides, admins can set the limitation of the uploaded files for their convenience.

Updates: JE Indeed v3.4.1 & JobEngine v2.8.5

JE Indeed v3.4.1 In JE Indeed v3.4, we accidentally made some mistakes. With the latest update this week, everything has been fixed: – All API requirements are now covered properly. – When users select a job in the Search Result, they will be sent directly to the Indeed landing page and the revenue is generated […]

3 brand new ClassifiedEngine extensions released

We’ve got good news coming up! Three brand new extensions for ClassifiedEngine to increase the utility of your site are now ready in our store.

CE Ad Alert

This extension allows visitors to subscribe for new ad notification emails. After registration, subscribers can receive emails notifying new ads by specific categories and locations depending on their choices.

Of course, if they don’t want to receive these emails anymore, they absolutely can unsubscribe from the ad alerts.

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