Week Update: JobEngine v2.4.4

We have but few fixes for JobEngine v2.4.4.

1) Resume is turned off but it’s still possible to register as a jobseeker from the Login button. When Resume feature is turned on, users have the option to select “Company” or “Jobseeker” when they register through the Login button. This option must only show the form for Company registration when Resume function is turned off.

2) Reordering job types and job categories in the Setup Wizard open multiple gray boxes.

3) Company URL shows not valid. When a link is added in the company website field in Post-a-Job page, the URL is shown as not valid when you click on it from Single Job page.

Updates: ForumEngine v1.2.2 and ClassifiedEngine v1.2

Both ForumEngine v1.2.2 and ClassifiedEngine v1.2 come with fine adjustments on several functions and fixes for some minor bugs. Read through our change log to see the tweaks and let us know if your issues have been fixed. Anything else to report or inquire? Visit our forum.

ForumEngine v1.2.2


– Hide user’s phone number and email address by default
Before this update, both information are displayed by default. That function is changed – we hide it this time and it’ll be the user’s choice to unhide these information.

– Set auto expand for sub-level comments
Enable/Disable this feature in the backend. Enabling this feature will automatically display first and second level comments when a user views a topic.

HotelEngine debuts its Classy theme

Your hotel stands tall on where it is. Customers come and you welcome them in the most hospitable way. These days, however, most customers do their first visit through your hotel’s website before they come to your hotel building.

Your website is the online salesperson of your accommodations, and one of the priorities in your to-do list must be to ensure that your site reflects 100% of your quality service. HotelEngine is built to showcase every part of your hotel’s great service.

Is your hotel a style of comfort? EngineThemes launched HotelEngine Comfy earlier this week. Check out our post of this theme.

Is your hotel a style of elegance? HotelEngine Classy suits right your taste. The theme boasts a classy, sleek design and functional, easy-to-use features.

Why we applied Responsive Design for HotelEngine (instead of a mobile version)

Since the release a couple days ago, we have received many emails concerning:

– Why responsive design for HotelEngine while we have always claimed that a mobile version is more suitable for our themes?

– Why did we choose to build a mobile version for the previous themes: JobEngine, ForumEngine & ClassifiedEngine, instead of just applying responsive design for them?

They seem to be contrary to each other at the first glance, except they’re not. Those choices were made after countless time of product meetings and we have many reasons for them. Here are some important points:

ClassifiedEngine releases v1.1.1 and CE eBay plugin

CE eBay Plugin

Not enough ads to fill your ad board? No worries. ClassifiedEngine releases today its new plugin – CE eBay – that will keep your ad site filled up with ads from eBay.com. It’s a quick solution especially for start-ups. With easy-to-use settings in the backend, admins can import and manage all imported eBay ads.

The Manual import settings allow admins to set some parameters and search only for ads that match his criteria. From the Search results, admins can select which ad to import and can even assign a category and location for each ad.

In front-end, your imported eBay ads are displayed just the same as your normal ads.

EngineThemes releases HotelEngine Comfy and BookingEngine

As people around the world become even more travel lovers, the demand for hotel business continue to surge immensely. And as the world gets even more comfortable at doing business through the web, building an online front liner for your hotel is inevitable. The competition is tough – and is getting tougher every single day, so your hotel site’s theme should be one that can give you a real edge. You need HotelEngine!

HotelEngine is a package of premium WordPress hotel themes and a booking plugin for hotel websites. It’s developed with modern design and intuitive features and its two themes are designed to suit chic and comfy motifs. If your style is elegance, go for HotelEngine Classy. If comfort is what you boast of your hotel, your choice is HotelEngine Comfy.

Both themes have built-in booking system but they can be optimized with EngineThemes’ premium plugin, BookingEngine.

As of this post, HotelEngine Comfy and BookingEngine take their stride to make a difference in your hotel site.

Updated: JobEngine v2.4.3, JE RSS and Jobroll, ForumEngine v1.2.1

JobEngine v2.4.3 contains fixes on mixed links of applicants’ profiles, 404 error on Resumes, and Payment plan description on Paypal.

– Some admins have experienced getting a 404 error when clicking Resumes tab after importing sample data. Others were able to fix it by resetting the permalink structure. Even so, we fixed it so you won’t encounter the same bug.

– In the dashboard on a Company account, some links of the applicants’ profiles got mix up that when you click a profile link, the resume that opens does not correspond to the profile name. This shouldn’t be an issue on this version anymore.

ClassifiedEngine releases v1.1 with new pages and more settings

Infinite Scroll

Not only social media like Facebook and Twitter have seen the advantages of infinite scroll. These days, the number of sites opting for infinite scroll is increasing. Well, this is an optional feature for ClassifiedEngine but it’s really an attractive option since it lets your users browse faster. So why not let your users try this one-page experience?

Update: New post alert feature for JobEngine v2.4.2

New Post Alert

JobEngine v2.4.2 comes with a “new post alert” feature for admins. In the back-end, a New Post Alert field was added where admins can enter an email address to receive notifications when a new job is posted on his site. This is most useful for those who are always on mobile and want to get notified immediately when an employer posted a new job. Just leave the email address field empty if you opt not to use this feature.

Update: ClassifiedEngine v1.0.1

ClassifiedEngine is a newly-born and while we have received some good remarks from our clients, feedbacks on some issues about the theme also reached our desk. We are grateful for both and rest assured we are working to make CE worth of your every centavo.

First thing on the list, we checked and tested the issues raised to us:

1) The language option in the Engine Settings displays only an empty white box.
The only default language that comes with the theme is English. We added a button for the English option so whenever you opt to reset your site to that language, you can easily do so.

JobEngine v2.4.1 offers one more privacy option for jobseekers

“Contact Me” Privacy

Besides the Anonymous option, JobEngine v2.4.1 allows jobseekers to enable their Contact form on their resume page. Turning this feature on enables employers to email the jobseeker. If disabled, the Contact form in the resume is hidden.

Extension update: JE Job Map v1.1 is released

While on the map and you scroll down the page to see the job list, it’s the map that zooms out. We received a couple of emails that say it’s quite annoying for users so “please freeze the zoom feature when scrolling.”You got it!Now users don’t have to click outside the map to easily start scrolling down the page.

Of course, users still need the zoom feature to see job locations in a close or distant view. They can click the zoom icons, “+” to zoom in and “-” to zoom out, or they can double-click the map to zoom it in.

Start your awesome New Year with a new Classified Ad site

When perfect ad concepts meet modern design, the output is surely beautiful adverts. With beautiful ads in a WordPress-powered theme, think ClassifiedEngine.

Elegant and Modern Design

Like its elder siblings, JobEngine and ForumEngine, ClassifiedEngine bears the trademark of EngineThemes that is – elegant and modern design. CE’s design offers a fresh look of the contemporary and trendy designs of 2014, yet won’t get outdated comes 2015.

Mobile Updates on JobEngine v2.4 and JE RSS, multi-category subscription for JE Job Alert

Let’s talk about mobile this time.

JobEngine v2.4 gives a friendlier experience to both admins and users when it comes to blog-view. For admins, it has unlocked a menu in the mobile footer so that admin can add a blog page.

Remember to tick the option Menu display on the mobile footer in the Menu settings to show your Blog page in your site’s mobile version.

For users, well, it allows them to view the blog posts from their smartphones.

JE RSS Importer v2.1.2

Another mobile update is on JobEngine’s plugin, RSS Importer. Jobs imported to your site via RSS can now be viewed in mobile.

Infinite Scroll on ForumEngine v1.2

The convenience of scrolling – and we mean Infinite scrolling – is now on the pages of ForumEngine.

This new feature is an additional option so if you still opt to use a paginator, nothing will change.

But for those who want to try the Infinite Scroll, enable the button in the admin page: Engine Settings > Settings > Content > Infinite Scroll.

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