Happy Labor Day! Introducing OneEngine – FREE One Page WordPress Theme

In celebration of Vietnam’s Reunification Day and International Workers’ Day, we want to make you aware of some special events in EngineThemes. Although there will be some delay in our support work, don’t worry too much. Coming together with it are the 25% discount program and the first FREE EngineThemes’ product ever!

Support delay schedule

To celebrate the special days, we have a few days off, from April 30th to May 4th.

Therefore, questions about technical issues will be resolved when we resume our works on May 5th. In regards to urgent cases and basic support requests, we will try our best to answer them as soon as we can.

After this short break, our team will be back with full power to serve you better. Should you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us at contact@enginethemes.com.

We really appreciate your patience and understanding.

ClassifiedEngine v1.5 introduces seller review. Updates to other products as well.

ClassifiedEngine v1.5

The new version of ClassifiedEngine introduces a new feature which would greatly enhance your site’s user experience: seller review.

As you dive into a classified site, one of the most important things would be the reliability of the ones submitting classified ads. And to learn more about one’s reliability, you read the reviews he has.

Posting a review about the seller is easy. Simply click on the “Submit a review” link in the seller’s profile box and enter your review. Make sure you choose the targeted product of the review.

Wrap-up for a busy month and moving forward

March has been a super busy month for us since we decided to push all our effort to the limit. Although there were a few changes to our original release plan, we reached most of the targets and even add a few other updates along the way. Let’s go through the latest versions of the themes in this post.

JobEngine v2.8

Following version 2.7, which allows jobseekers to post and edit resume from their mobile devices, employers now can also submit their jobs from the small screens in this latest version. This is one of the most important features that we have implemented in our recent updates and also the one being requested most by our customers.

Update: ForumEngine v1.3 supports sticky threads and email confirmation

Sticky threads

This must-have feature has been supported in ForumEngine v1.3. Administrators can now “pin” their important announcements or any trendy topics at the top of the thread lists, with a couple clicks on the new frontend control buttons.

If all sticky threads were at the top of the homepage list, it would push down the other threads and make the reading experience frustrating. So we decided to support different scopes for sticky threads: either only in category page or in homepage as well.

Clicking on the “star” icon next to a thread makes it sticky in its category’s thread list. Another click on the “global” icon will also pin it on the homepage list.

Introducing CE Stripe & Paymill extensions; updates for ClassifiedEngine & CE AdMap

CE Stripe v1.0 and CE Paymill v1.0

This week’s updates focus on the new extensions which integrate Stripe and Paymill payment gateways for ClassifiedEngine.

With Stripe and Paymill integration, a notable advantage is that your sellers are now able to send the payment without being redirected to another site. This small difference brings great convenience for your users and certainly increase your rate of conversion.

Introduce the Ideas section. Release FE Ideas, ForumEngine v1.2.5 & HotelEngine

Submit your Ideas to EngineThemes

We have been receiving lots and lots of ideas from our beloved customers about new features or new themes to implement. Your ideas have help us to provide a better service and better products over time. Thank you!

Today, we’re excited to introduce the new “Ideas” categories in our official Forums. This should be your place to go to every time you think of essential features we haven’t implemented, or when you have an awesome theme/plugin idea you think we should look into.

Just log into your customer account, and you can start submitting idea threads. Make sure you express each idea in a separate thread for easier rating and reviewing.

Well, you should visit the forums to get your ideas heard now!

Update: JobEngine v2.6 with a new “intro” page template

Intro page template

Since we launched JobEngine, there have been many requests to have a custom front page instead of viewing the job listings right away. With version 2.6, the theme now includes a page template crafted for this purpose. The intro page is designed with a simple approach to help job board owners easily customize it to suit their needs.

After updating the theme to v2.6, go to WordPress Pages and add a page for your front page. Then, select “Intro Page” for the “Template” of the page in the “Page Attributes” box. You can then try to view this page in the frontend after publishing it.

Finally, visit WordPress Settings – Reading. You need to set the above intro page as the front page of your job board to have it shown correctly.

Updates: ClassifiedEngine v1.3.1, CE Ad Map v1.0, CE Custom Fields v1.0.1 and CE eBay v1.0.1

This week we released ClassifedEngine v1.3.1, the brand new Ad Map extension and updates for the previous ones: CE Custom Fields and CE eBay.

ClassifiedEngine v1.3.1 now supports the blog section. Should you want to communicate with your users via an official channel in your site, this is made for you.

Another update in this release is for the mobile version. You can now add menus to provide easier navigation for your users in smaller screens.

Change log

Bug #2168: Approved email notification every time an ad is updated
Bug #2193: Translating tool issue
Bug #2194: fix redirect loop issue when using CDN cache
Implement #2169: Revise text: You have selected: (Name of plan)
Implement #2179: Change the number format
Implement #2199: Blog section for ClassifiedEngine
Implement: Menu in mobile version

Update: ForumEngine v1.2.4 supports code snippet and title badges

This week’s release would be a great news for developers since we finally support adding code snippets in posts. You can see this feature in action right in our official forums.

While the code snippet support has been expected in our March plan, we have an unplanned feature included in this release. If you were a frequent members in our forums, you would have notice the title badges for different member roles. We’re glad to say it has been added to this week’s version now.

Updates: JobEngine v2.5.1 & JE Custom Fields v2.0

JE Custom Fields v2.0

This week’s releases point the focus on the Custom Fields extension for JobEngine.

In the previous versions of JE Custom Fields, you are able to add more fields for the job listings.

Although this feature is a great addition for customers who have specific needs for their job board, we have received many requests to expand the ability of the extension to also cover the resume listings. With this release, we’re glad to announce that those requests have been fulfilled.

For the text and textarea fields, the extension work similarly to job fields. However, the case is a little bit different for the “multi-value” tags, drop down and checkbox fields. When adding fields with those types, a taxonomy or tag (for “multi-value text”) is automatically created in the Resumes section. We decided to implement the new fields this way for easier data filtering when needed in the future.

EngineThemes’ release plan in March

We have received a lot of requests for heads-upon the future updates of the themes. And we thought it’s a good idea to share to you what we’re cooking for our themes for their near future versions. Gladly, our plan for this March is ready and we’re excited to let you know.

With JobEngine and ClassifiedEngine, there are so many grounds to cover and March will surely be a busy month for the EngineThemes team.

Payment Plan updates and a new plugin for ClassifiedEngine v1.2.2

ClassifiedEngine v1.2.2

This week’s updates of ClassifiedEngine are focused on free and package plans. Earlier this week, we released a couple of similar feature updates for JobEngine v2.5. If you were able to read that post, you already have ideas on some of these changes especially when posting ads.

– Usage limit for free plans. You don’t want sellers to post free ads for a lifetime, do you? Except for those who really intend their site’s service to be a free one, the “limit free plan use” feature is great to give your clients some treats before they finally purchase plans for their ads.

– Skip “select a payment plan” step if seller has a paid package plan. When posting an ad and the seller has an existing paid plan, the Post-an-Ad page should redirect him immediately to Step 2.

ForumEngine v1.2.3 gets new widgets; Graph Report for BookingEngine v1.0.3

ForumEngine v1.2.3

ForumEngine has got new interesting widgets to beautify and make your sidebars more informative.

– Forum Statistic. This widget displays figures of your site’s total number of members, threads, and replies.

– Top Users. They are your most sociable and interactive members. They got the most threads and comments posted in your site. Who doesn’t want to see their names on the top list? So go ahead and add this widget anywhere in your sidebars and see your site’s user interaction skyrocket.

– Latest Threads / Hot Topics. This widget works in two ways as its title suggests. You may opt to display the new posts or the trending topics. On its settings, tick the “Latest Threads (sort by date)” box to show the newly posted threads on the sidebar. Leave it unchecked if you prefer to display the most-liked and most-commented discussions.

Week Update: JobEngine v2.5

1) Job application on mobile.

Jobseekers can now submit their job applications via mobile. But this feature only uses the online resume when sending applications, which means that only jobseekers who have created online profiles can conveniently send their resumes to employers.

Another thing to note – if admin turned off the Resume section, the button “Apply for this Job” is changed to “Save this Job” which enables users to get an email reminder of the job.

2) Skip step to select payment plan if the company has a paid package.

If an employer has an existing paid package plan and clicks Post a Job, the page won’t display the “Select payment plan” step anymore but will automatically redirects him to Step 2 to fill out job and company details. But of course, the job poster can always click on Step 1 to select another plan.

Week Update: ClassifiedEngine v1.2.1

This week’s update of ClassifiedEngine focuses on the mobile version. Here’s what we got for you –

Small new things that matter

1) Keep user’s information after contacting a seller. This is only applied for mobile version. When a user sent a seller a message, the user’s information (name, email, phone number) are kept so that he won’t need to enter them again the next time he contacts a seller.

2) Make Categories page viewable on mobile. When users open the link to the Categories’ page on their tablets and smartphones, they will no longer be redirected to the homepage but to the categories page itself.

3) Make ads’ list by category or location viewable on mobile. On desktop version, users can view the list of jobs tagged under a category or location. Users can now view this list on mobile, too.

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