EngineThemes opens Forums and Language Center sites to public


EngineThemes community is getting bigger and this calls for one venue where we can do things and find stuffs easily. So we pooled our themes in a forum site – proudly powered by our theme ForumEngine; and of course, our future launches will be added there, too.

The good news? We are opening the forum to the public!

JobEngine v2.3.8: Pop up Signup Form and Applications Filter in Backend

Pop up signup form for jobseekers

This addition stemmed from the issue that some users who registered as jobseekers were listed as companies. So we revised the form to include the jobseeker option. Registrants can select either as a company or jobseeker.

Job application filter in backend

Be it in frontend or backend, you can easily access job applications. In frontend, you can view and download applications in the company’s dashboard. The backend provides a new function to filter applications by job or applicant.

In backend, click the Applications tab and while on All Applications view, click on the job’s name under the Job column to see the applicants for the job. Click the jobseeker’s name under the Author column to see what jobs the jobseeker has applied to.

Applicants’ preview on company’s dashboard on JobEngine v2.3.7

Let’s see how many of these questions flashed your mind before today’s update:

– How many applicants have I received for my job post?
– Who are the applicants?
– When was the most recent application?
– Was the applicant a registered or non-registered member?
– How come I can’t download the applicant’s files from my dashboard?

And we’re sure that many of you had hoped you have the answers ready right when you logged in and glance at your dashboard. Well, now you have.

Job posts with applications display “[x] applicants” in bold next to the posting date. Click on it to see the list and details of the applicants. One thing to note is the Download button that appears on the right of the jobseeker’s information. It denotes the applicant has not posted an online resume so you need to download his CV.

Lock editing and Undo action features for ForumEngine v1.0.2

Lock editing function

ForumEngine’s new lock editing feature is not to encourage posts with mass errors. Think of it as a way for users to be more mindful of every thing before they hit that “Create topic” button. We’re also not taking the users’ freedom to correct typo or grammar issues, or upload the image they forgot to insert on the post. But we set the function to edit to a limited time. This lock editing function is applied to both posting threads and posting comments.

Users have five minutes to make changes to their posts right after creating a topic or posting a comment. After five minutes, they are still able to click the Edit button but can no longer save their changes.

Admins can still edit all posts anytime.

Theme updates: JobEngine v2.3.5 and ForumEngine v1.0.1

Do we get major add-ons on this version? Not yet. We’ll have some next week. But this version has essential updates on a number of major UX issues in mobile version. After updating your site, your users should be able to travel around your site seamlessly using their smartphones.

Throughout the desktop version, we did refinements in many places so you can expect more polished features and functions.

Watch out for ForumEngine’s next update, we have huge features in line.

Demo website upgrade for easy browsing and testing

Greetings! We’re glad to announce an update for our demo sites. It is a change we’ve long wanted to make to help our users easily preview our themes in different devices.

As you visit the demo websites, you’ll now notice a red bar at the top of your browsers. You can easily change the theme to give a test drive, view the backend dashboard, or select a platform to see the theme in different devices like desktop computers, tablets or smartphones.

If you wish to view the theme in full browser without the appearance of the demo bar, just click the Close button on the right. Simple.

We hope this small update will serve you better.

Wish you a great new week!

ForumEngine releases first version today

The wait is over!

With its first version released today, ForumEngine is ready to take you to new experiences on community sites.

You can now see ForumEngine in action at http://demo.enginethemes.com/forumengine or view the theme in our store: http://www.enginethemes.com/themes/forumengine.

JobEngine rolls out v2.3.4, Job Map, and ET Slider

In any kind of website, visuals matter. Images are like cotton candies that easily catch and hold users’ attention. So if you feel that your job board is too text-heavy, give it a strategic decoration with JobEngine’s two new plugins – JE Job Map and ET Slider.

JE Job Map

More than just an ornament, JE Job Map provides your jobseekers a panoramic view of where your jobs are mostly located. Zoom in and out the map to see the job count by continent, country, or city.

Jobs which location is “Anywhere,” meaning the location field was left blank when the job was posted, are not included in the map.

JobEngine v2.3.3 and JE Coupon v1.4

JobEngine v2.3.3 Change Log

Bug: Social links’ fields do not automatically add the http or https.

To rightly link your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ accounts, the complete URL of the account is needed. If you only enter, say, facebook.com/enginethemes, it won’t work. So we set the system to automatically add http or https and all the colons and slashes after that.

Bug: JE doesn’t map jobs to the new category when deleting an old one.

Now you should see that the number of jobs in a category gets updated and the jobs moved to the new category appear in the results when you filter jobs by that category.

New update: JobEngine v2.3.2

Thanks to some feedbacks we’re able to catch those other bugs looming around JobEngine. No new feature for JobEngine v2.3.2, just finer refinements to fix issues on automatic expiration of jobs, email templates, jobseeker account, and other sections.

Anonymous profiles remain anonymous to Privileged companies.

As we define it, Privileged companies are those that receive job applications from jobseekers. So regardless if a privileged company has a premium account or not, it should be able to see all details in an applicant’s resume.

Extension Updates: JE Paymill, Stripe, and Custom Fields

JE Paymill and JE Stripe

JE Paymill v1.0.1 and JE Stripe v1.3.1 correct the “Payment, failed” error that displays when either of the two payment gateways is selected in processing payments. Now you should see “Success, friend” if there are no issues on the credit card used.

JE Custom Fields

Two bugs were fixed in v1.1.1 of JE Custom Fields:

1) Unable to delete custom field and drop-down items
2) When selecting drop-down, the text box where to add items is not automatically displayed. It also won’t allow adding multiple items unless the previous entry is saved first.

New update: JobEngine v2.3.1

Still on package plans, JobEngine v2.3.1 contains fixes on job reposting and renewal flow.

Bug: Incorrect addition and subtraction of the number of jobs left in a package plan

Fixed. When a job under a package plan is reposted or renewed under another package plan, the job is going to be under the new plan and the jobs count of the previous plan will be plus 1.

For instance, you have an unpaid package plan with 3 jobs (say, Plan E). You posted all 3 jobs, so Plan E has zero jobs left. You decide to repost one job and this time you choose a different package plan (e.g. Plan F with 3 jobs). Regardless if the reposted job is unpaid, pending or active, Plan E will again have 1 job left and Plan F is displayed with minus 1 job. After repost, Plan E has 1 job left while Plan F has 2.

JobEngine v2.3 and JE PayPal Express

Major bugs on the payment plan landed in our email last week so we have to make several tweaks on the flow to fix the issues. This time the flow is less complicated but would mean extra work for those who favor how things work before. Our apologies for that.

The primary changes are on the flow of approval and publishing of jobs especially on package plans. So you would easily grasp the whole picture, please take a look at the scenarios of how the process was before and how it is now.

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