MjE Stripe Is Here! Less Time Struggling. Better Payment. More Transactions

MjE Stripe is here! Less time struggling. Better payment. More transactions.

Early this year, after months of designing, coding and testing, we were proud to introduce to the market MicrojobEngine – our premium WordPress Theme dedicated to micro job marketplace. Since then, we continuously stay committed to innovating our product by adding new features, improving quality code, boosting customer support, and much more.

Early this month, we once shared about the coming of the first extension in the list for MicrojobEngine Theme. And today, we’re excited to announce the release of MjE Stripe Extension. I’ve used Stripe and have to say it’s awesome. Very simple to set up in the back-end, beautiful form in front-end, and super fast checkout process. And that’s exactly the experience we want to bring to you when paying with Stripe. (more…)

Take A Closer Look at MjE Stripe & Invoice Feature

MjE Stripe & Invoice Feature

Two weeks ago, we were happy to announce the upcoming release of MicrojobEngine first ever extension – MjE Stripe Payment Gateway as well as new MicrojobEngine version 1.2. Since then, the design and coding team have made great progress. There’re only 2 weeks until the release date of MjE Stripe and MicrojobEngine 1.2, so I’m excited to share with you a closer look at what we’ve built so far.

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MjE Stripe – Your First Extension for MicrojobEngine is around the corner

MjE Stripe - Payment Gateway for MicrojobEngine

Early this year MicrojobEngine was released. From the first days developing MicrojobEngine, we have set our goal to create the Best Micro Job WordPress Theme in the market. Since then, a lot of things have been built into the theme, but the most remarkable are New Admin Dashboard and Diplomat Homepage Skin. The Admin Dashboard was redesigned and restructured to give you a better site management, whereas Diplomat Skin provided a fresh display for your homepage.

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MicrojobEngine 1.1.4 Has Arrived With New Homepage Layout & Feature Improvements

microjobengine - micro job marketplace wordpress theme


After your theme is updated to the latest version of MicrojobEngine 1.1.4, all colors in your site will return to the default settings. So, we strongly recommend that you save your current colors to avoid being lost. Besides, you MUST re-setup the commission & category images after upgrading your theme.

Feature Improvements

  • IMPORTANT: New skin for homepage (Engine Settings > Site Construction & Design).
  • Change the price number format selection (Engine Settings > Theme Options > Payment Config > Number format).
  • Change the mJob category selection. Checkbox is appropriately replaced by ratio to sync with the front-end.
  • Add the blog template for better blog page display.
  • Enable/disable options for local timezone & edit mJob is available.
  • Update & re-design the chat box. Also, users can enter “Shift + Enter” to do line break from this version.
  • Display the status of a mJob for admin & mJob owner.
  • Support rounding price in the extra package of a mJob.
  • Change the appearance of each mJob order action in the mJob detail page.


Begin Your Online Marketplace Today With MicrojobEngine. Exclusive Offer Included!

microjobengine 1.1.4 - exclusive offer

In the era of information technology, service marketplace plays a significant role in income generation and job creation, where people can sell online and earn money. Buyers also easy find what they need in just a few clicks. Hence, launching such a website could be an excellent way to monetize money online.

Realizing this potential, we developed MicrojobEngine theme as a complete solution for you to start your profitable business without any extra efforts or coding knowledge required. After the first release in March, we are intensively working to upgrade our theme with great features & UX optimization. Today, MicrojobEngine 1.1.4 is here with an impressive appearance!


MicrojobEngine 1.1.2 is compatible with WP 4.6 & introduces New Admin Area


MicrojobEngine version 1.1.2 is compatible with WP 4.6, redesigns admin settings area, customize block & revenue display on mobile. (more…)

Custom Pricing is Finally Here & Say Hello to Opening Message in MicrojobEngine 1.1.1


MicrojobEngine version 1.1.1 is updated with new great features in the “Post a mJob” form. The UX/UI factors are also enhanced to make your website better. (more…)

Update new MicrojobEngine v1.1 file


MicrojobEngine 1.1 has just been released on July 04, 2016. However, identifying an issue in “Post a Job” page (new changelog: template/post-service-step3.php), we decided to make a hotfix and hence re-update version 1.1.

If you have already downloaded MicrojobEngine version 1.1 and updated your site before this notice, kindly redownload the latest zip for version 1.1 in your member area and update your theme in either of the following ways:

  1. Remove the current version and install MicrojobEngine again using the latest version 1.1. This may be easier if you are not much into technical stuff, and if you haven’t applied any custom changes directly at the theme files. You can follow this tutorial for installing the theme: http://docs.enginethemes.com/article/493-download-and-install-the-theme
  2. If you don’t want to overwrite the whole theme files, you can extract the latest zip, then copy the file “template/post-service-step3.php onto your theme folder, overwriting the old file.

In case you downloaded MicrojobEngine v1.1 after July 06, 2016, you’ve already had the latest version 1.1. You don’t have to worry about this notice.

Product stability for our beloved customers is one of the core values we always pursue. That’s why we push out this instant fix for you. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thanks & keep supporting us for our next updates! (more…)

Introducing MicrojobEngine 1.1, Custom Order and Credit Payment are now available!

MicrojobEngine update

Major release of MicrojobEngine version 1.1. The highlights include Custom Order, Credit payment method, and new revenue report. (more…)

MicrojobEngine 1.0.6 Has Arrived With Its Changing In Order Flow


In MicrojobEngine v1.0.6, user must log in before ordering a mJob, Payment & Billing information are hidden, some bugs are fixed as well (more…)

MicrojobEngine 1.0.5 Has Arrived, Including Time Countdown, Order Changelog & Direct Chat Box!


In MicrojobEngine v1.0.5, time countdown is added, more features in conversation and dispute are upgraded as well (more…)

Introducing MicrojobEngine 1.0.4, Optimizing Customize Bar For The Best User Interface

MicrojobEngine update

In MicrojobEngine 1.0.4, paused mJobs are not displayed in search result, customize bar, order detail are improved, & other improvements and bug fixes. (more…)

MicrojobEngine 1.0.3 Has Arrived! Giving New Revenue Report, Auto Order Finishing and Much More!

MicrojobEngine 1.0.3 has new Revenue report, auto order finishing, email display in Profile, and other improvements & bug fixes.

MicrojobEngine update 1.0.3

Features – New revenue report, auto order finishing, new translation

New revenue report in Dashboard


MicrojobEngine 1.0.2 Is Here, With UX In Front-end & Dashboard Improvements!

MicrojobEngine version 1.0.2 with some small improvements in back-end & UX in front-end.

Unconfirmed email address can send dispute

When admin turns on email confirmation option in back-end, new users have to confirm their email address after signing up.

At first, for those who have not confirmed account, they are still able to order for a mJob but cannot send dispute over that order.

It is no longer the case as from this version, unconfirmed accounts can send dispute for an order.

Search bar, Order button available when scrolling down

Search bar in homepage

In homepage, when users keep scrolling down, the search bar will also scroll down, staying at the top of page, so that users can quickly make instant search without going up.

microjobengine update 1.0.2 - Search bar in homepage (more…)

New Micro Jobs WordPress Theme: MicrojobEngine v1.0 is ready for your marketplace now

Remote working has been more popular than ever these years. Imagine how wonderful it is to get your jobs done while relaxing on the beach instead of going to the office. It must be a dream come true. By creating a micro job marketplace and connecting people in need with professionals to get things done, you help a lot of people achieve that dream of freedom.

Still, building up a micro jobs marketplace is a complex process. We developed MicrojobEngine WordPress micro jobs theme aiming to help you launch your micro job marketplace faster and easier.
And we’re thrilled to announce the launch of MicrojobEngine version 1.0 today!

Live Demo Buy Now

MicrojobEngine helps you build a simple yet effective micro job marketplace. The theme focuses on matching the people in need with the most suitable providers, helping them connect, order, communicate and get things done easily and effectively. MicrojobEngine also includes a secure payment system, allowing users to make safe transactions right on the platform. In addition, its simple design with modular content block layout helps users focus on useful information of each micro job, and works well on every screen size.

micro job wordpress theme - microjobengine

MicrojobEngine Micro Jobs Marketplace WordPress Theme:
Quickly find a reliable seller to get things done

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