Update: QAEngine version 1.5.6 with major upgrades on mobile

This week welcomes the new version of QAEngine v1.5.6 – our complete question and answer WordPress theme – with many improvements in both display and function. Especially, there are multiple updates for mobile version making the site even more responsive on this device. Major upgrades tailored for mobile version User on mobile can log in […]

QAEngine 1.5.5 is compatible with WordPress 4.3

The best Question and Answer WordPress Theme is now compatible with WordPress 4.3!

The latest version of QAEngine – QAEngine version 1.5.5 is compatible with WordPress 4.3 and includes some bug fixes that might improve your website performance.

Compatible with WordPress 4.3

QAEngine 1.5.5


ClassifiedEngine version 2.3 and QAEngine version 1.5.4

Two months ago, we made an notification about updating ClassifiedEngine to the version 2.x. Today, the newest version is officially available, you guys can download it and update your classified ads site right away.

Welcome FreelanceEngine v1.6, DirectoryEngine v1.8.9 and QAEngine v1.5.3.1

The long-awaited feature is finally completed, you now can charge freelancers for bidding on the projects in FreelanceEngine v1.6

EngineThemes’ updates: JobEngine, QAEngine, ForumEngine

This week updates focus on some bug fixes so that your site performance will be better.

QAEngine version 1.5.3

A new option is added in QAEngine: Login to view Answer. The name speaks for itself, if you enable this option, users have to log in to view the answers.

login to view answer-QAEngine


Security update in QAEngine and DirectoryEngine

Security update

Today, we release updates for some products that fix security issue. The updates are: QAEngine and DirectoryEngine. We take the security issue very seriously, so as soon as we notice the bug, we immediately work on and remove it at soonest.

Please remember to get the latest versions right away so that it won’t affect your business.

For more details, we fixed the function code so that the attacker can’t obtain the administrator accounts any more. They can’t create a new admin account or change the password just by using the user_ID.

This issue was notified by one of our customers, thanks to him, we can quickly resolve the bug. Also, we’ve checked the theme thoroughly all over again to make sure everything will be fine. This is a valuable experience for us and we’ll have plan for a regular security review.

We really sorry for the inconvenience the issue may cause.

QAEngine version 1.5.1

Together with the security update release, we want to introduce some small changes in QAEngine version 1.5.1

Implement “Pending” tab

A new section named “Pending” is added so that admin can easily approve new posts. This section stored all the new posted ones, admin don’t have to visit every single post to approve it anymore. You can quickly find new questions or answers right in the front-end and approve them just by a click.



QAEngine is updated to the latest version: v1.5

QAEngine is back with improvements to make your site more stable and of course better.

Google ReCaptcha implementation

From now on, whenever users sign up or post a question, they will have to insert Google captcha. With this implementation, you can reduce the number of spam comments on your site for sure.



QAEngine question & answer theme is updated with some new implementations

Looking back, we’ve released QAEngine for more than five months and now it’s time to upgrade it to a higher level. We’re collecting ideas in our forums and realizing this plan steps by steps, if you have any ideas, please don’t hesitate to raise your voice. In the meantime, we’ll keep improved it with some new features and bug fixes.

QAEngine is updated its new version: v1.3.2

Fixed “Error Message” issue Whenever users forget to entry required fields, there will be a message “Please fill out all fields required” shown up to remind them fill up all information needed. Fixed “Odd Text Display” issue When user replies a question, the displayed text on the time counter contain two words “ago”. This bug […]

Updates: QAEngine v1.3, JE Coupon v1.7, JE Custom Fields v2.2, CE Coupon v1.2

QAEngine version 1.3

Filter bad words

Speaking generally, since QAEngine is also an online community where people share their opinions, there’ll come a time when you have to face some unwelcome users. As an admin, of course you want to keep your site as civilized as possible and so do the users. In order to help you prevent the bad words in your site, a new feature is implemented: Filter bad words.

bad words be-QAEngine

QAEngine is updated to the latest version with some bug fixes-v.1.2.1

A question and answer WordPress theme – QAEngine has been fixed some functions:
Fix “Email confirmation” function
This function works fine now. From now on, if you enable this option, new users have to confirm their email address after registration so that they can activate in your site.

QAEngine version 1.2 is out with more features

Following its siblings, the new version of QAEngine – a question and answer WordPress theme – now offers more options so that admins can handle their sites more effectively.
Pending answers
Similar to the “pending questions” feature, this function will help you prevent unsuitable content appear on your site. Once you enable this function, new answer have to wait for your approval before being displayed in the site.

QAEngine question answer wp theme releases its new version with social login options

During the last few weeks, we’ve looked back at our QAEngine and considered all the notes we’d made so far. In order to enhance all the functions as well as help you to experience all the benefits a question and answer site could bring. QAEngine is updated to the latest version with some new options.

QAEngine is updated to the latest version: v1.1.3

Over the past few days, we have received some suggestions from our beloved customers. We’ve noted them all and carefully discussed to implement in QAEngine. And now, QAEngine is updated, you can consider that QAEngine v1.1.3 is the result of interaction between us and our customers. Follow a question In order to enhance the community […]

QAEngine is updated with new version: v1.1.2

Now you can add sidebars in your question and answer site-QAEngine
Besides the original sidebars, you can create new ones for your blog page. Simply drag and drop the widgets in the right positions and you will have your very own sibebars.

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