Updated: JobEngine v2.4.3, JE RSS and Jobroll, ForumEngine v1.2.1

JobEngine v2.4.3 contains fixes on mixed links of applicants’ profiles, 404 error on Resumes, and Payment plan description on Paypal.

– Some admins have experienced getting a 404 error when clicking Resumes tab after importing sample data. Others were able to fix it by resetting the permalink structure. Even so, we fixed it so you won’t encounter the same bug.

– In the dashboard on a Company account, some links of the applicants’ profiles got mix up that when you click a profile link, the resume that opens does not correspond to the profile name. This shouldn’t be an issue on this version anymore.

ClassifiedEngine releases v1.1 with new pages and more settings

Infinite Scroll

Not only social media like Facebook and Twitter have seen the advantages of infinite scroll. These days, the number of sites opting for infinite scroll is increasing. Well, this is an optional feature for ClassifiedEngine but it’s really an attractive option since it lets your users browse faster. So why not let your users try this one-page experience?

Update: New post alert feature for JobEngine v2.4.2

New Post Alert

JobEngine v2.4.2 comes with a “new post alert” feature for admins. In the back-end, a New Post Alert field was added where admins can enter an email address to receive notifications when a new job is posted on his site. This is most useful for those who are always on mobile and want to get notified immediately when an employer posted a new job. Just leave the email address field empty if you opt not to use this feature.

Update: ClassifiedEngine v1.0.1

ClassifiedEngine is a newly-born and while we have received some good remarks from our clients, feedbacks on some issues about the theme also reached our desk. We are grateful for both and rest assured we are working to make CE worth of your every centavo.

First thing on the list, we checked and tested the issues raised to us:

1) The language option in the Engine Settings displays only an empty white box.
The only default language that comes with the theme is English. We added a button for the English option so whenever you opt to reset your site to that language, you can easily do so.

JobEngine v2.4.1 offers one more privacy option for jobseekers

“Contact Me” Privacy

Besides the Anonymous option, JobEngine v2.4.1 allows jobseekers to enable their Contact form on their resume page. Turning this feature on enables employers to email the jobseeker. If disabled, the Contact form in the resume is hidden.

Start your awesome New Year with a new Classified Ad site

When perfect ad concepts meet modern design, the output is surely beautiful adverts. With beautiful ads in a WordPress-powered theme, think ClassifiedEngine.

Elegant and Modern Design

Like its elder siblings, JobEngine and ForumEngine, ClassifiedEngine bears the trademark of EngineThemes that is – elegant and modern design. CE’s design offers a fresh look of the contemporary and trendy designs of 2014, yet won’t get outdated comes 2015.

Mobile Updates on JobEngine v2.4 and JE RSS, multi-category subscription for JE Job Alert

Let’s talk about mobile this time.

JobEngine v2.4 gives a friendlier experience to both admins and users when it comes to blog-view. For admins, it has unlocked a menu in the mobile footer so that admin can add a blog page.

Remember to tick the option Menu display on the mobile footer in the Menu settings to show your Blog page in your site’s mobile version.

For users, well, it allows them to view the blog posts from their smartphones.

JE RSS Importer v2.1.2

Another mobile update is on JobEngine’s plugin, RSS Importer. Jobs imported to your site via RSS can now be viewed in mobile.

Infinite Scroll on ForumEngine v1.2

The convenience of scrolling – and we mean Infinite scrolling – is now on the pages of ForumEngine.

This new feature is an additional option so if you still opt to use a paginator, nothing will change.

But for those who want to try the Infinite Scroll, enable the button in the admin page: Engine Settings > Settings > Content > Infinite Scroll.

ClassifiedEngine kicks off beta site

Though we anticipated that our coming theme, ClassifiedEngine, will be of interest to ad site owners and managers as well as aspiring ones, we didn’t expect it would be looked for much more than we thought. And we keep receiving emails, instant messages, and posts in our forum inquiring about the release date of our newest theme.

We promised to release the theme this December but as to the exact date, we can’t tell yet. It’s roughly three weeks left; it should be ready by then.

The good news is that we have set up a demo Classified site for your review at the moment. What are we looking for? The more interesting & helpful feedback the better! Visit our forum & feel free to post your ideas.

New Sidebars and Widgets for ForumEngine v1.1.2

ForumEngine v1.1.2 is the get-go for sidebars and widgetized static contents.

For a start, four sidebars were added to this version: Single Thread, Single Post, Blog, and All Pages sidebars. The sidebars’ names imply where to click to see the content when you drag the widgets to these areas, but for those who are a little bit confused especially of these two, Single Thread is the individual post in the forum while Single Post is your blog article.

Be mindful when you drag widgets to All Pages sidebars. If the widget is one kind that can be displayed to any page and you drag it to the other three sidebars, too, you’ll get a duplicate post.

Russian Language and Page Sidebar for JobEngine v2.3.9

Russian in the Pack

See JobEngine in Russian!

Thanks to a customer who generously shared his language for JobEngine-ers.

With Russian in the list, JobEngine now has eight default languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Just one click and you can easily don your site with any of the eight.

ForumEngine v1.1 adds Blog section

ForumEngine’s new feature, the Blog section, solves a very important issue we had in our first release.

That huge thing was, if you have an existing, content-rich site and you installed ForumEngine, the existing posts become inaccessible. So some Wordpress experts suggest doing a separate installation if you opt to have a forum and a blog page.

This isn’t an issue now with ForumEngine v1.1. You install the theme and you can keep your posts. Or you upgrade your FE version and make your old posts accessible again.

JobEngine v2.3.8: Pop up Signup Form and Applications Filter in Backend

Pop up signup form for jobseekers

This addition stemmed from the issue that some users who registered as jobseekers were listed as companies. So we revised the form to include the jobseeker option. Registrants can select either as a company or jobseeker.

Job application filter in backend

Be it in frontend or backend, you can easily access job applications. In frontend, you can view and download applications in the company’s dashboard. The backend provides a new function to filter applications by job or applicant.

In backend, click the Applications tab and while on All Applications view, click on the job’s name under the Job column to see the applicants for the job. Click the jobseeker’s name under the Author column to see what jobs the jobseeker has applied to.

Applicants’ preview on company’s dashboard on JobEngine v2.3.7

Let’s see how many of these questions flashed your mind before today’s update:

– How many applicants have I received for my job post?
– Who are the applicants?
– When was the most recent application?
– Was the applicant a registered or non-registered member?
– How come I can’t download the applicant’s files from my dashboard?

And we’re sure that many of you had hoped you have the answers ready right when you logged in and glance at your dashboard. Well, now you have.

Job posts with applications display “[x] applicants” in bold next to the posting date. Click on it to see the list and details of the applicants. One thing to note is the Download button that appears on the right of the jobseeker’s information. It denotes the applicant has not posted an online resume so you need to download his CV.

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