Lock editing and Undo action features for ForumEngine v1.0.2

Lock editing function

ForumEngine’s new lock editing feature is not to encourage posts with mass errors. Think of it as a way for users to be more mindful of every thing before they hit that “Create topic” button. We’re also not taking the users’ freedom to correct typo or grammar issues, or upload the image they forgot to insert on the post. But we set the function to edit to a limited time. This lock editing function is applied to both posting threads and posting comments.

Users have five minutes to make changes to their posts right after creating a topic or posting a comment. After five minutes, they are still able to click the Edit button but can no longer save their changes.

Admins can still edit all posts anytime.

Theme updates: JobEngine v2.3.5 and ForumEngine v1.0.1

Do we get major add-ons on this version? Not yet. We’ll have some next week. But this version has essential updates on a number of major UX issues in mobile version. After updating your site, your users should be able to travel around your site seamlessly using their smartphones.

Throughout the desktop version, we did refinements in many places so you can expect more polished features and functions.

Watch out for ForumEngine’s next update, we have huge features in line.

ForumEngine releases first version today

The wait is over!

With its first version released today, ForumEngine is ready to take you to new experiences on community sites.

You can now see ForumEngine in action at http://demo.enginethemes.com/forumengine or view the theme in our store: https://www.enginethemes.com/themes/forumengine.

JobEngine rolls out v2.3.4, Job Map, and ET Slider

In any kind of website, visuals matter. Images are like cotton candies that easily catch and hold users’ attention. So if you feel that your job board is too text-heavy, give it a strategic decoration with JobEngine’s two new plugins – JE Job Map and ET Slider.

JE Job Map

More than just an ornament, JE Job Map provides your jobseekers a panoramic view of where your jobs are mostly located. Zoom in and out the map to see the job count by continent, country, or city.

Jobs which location is “Anywhere,” meaning the location field was left blank when the job was posted, are not included in the map.

JobEngine v2.3.3 and JE Coupon v1.4

JobEngine v2.3.3 Change Log

Bug: Social links’ fields do not automatically add the http or https.

To rightly link your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ accounts, the complete URL of the account is needed. If you only enter, say, facebook.com/enginethemes, it won’t work. So we set the system to automatically add http or https and all the colons and slashes after that.

Bug: JE doesn’t map jobs to the new category when deleting an old one.

Now you should see that the number of jobs in a category gets updated and the jobs moved to the new category appear in the results when you filter jobs by that category.

New update: JobEngine v2.3.2

Thanks to some feedbacks we’re able to catch those other bugs looming around JobEngine. No new feature for JobEngine v2.3.2, just finer refinements to fix issues on automatic expiration of jobs, email templates, jobseeker account, and other sections.

Anonymous profiles remain anonymous to Privileged companies.

As we define it, Privileged companies are those that receive job applications from jobseekers. So regardless if a privileged company has a premium account or not, it should be able to see all details in an applicant’s resume.

New update: JobEngine v2.3.1

Still on package plans, JobEngine v2.3.1 contains fixes on job reposting and renewal flow.

Bug: Incorrect addition and subtraction of the number of jobs left in a package plan

Fixed. When a job under a package plan is reposted or renewed under another package plan, the job is going to be under the new plan and the jobs count of the previous plan will be plus 1.

For instance, you have an unpaid package plan with 3 jobs (say, Plan E). You posted all 3 jobs, so Plan E has zero jobs left. You decide to repost one job and this time you choose a different package plan (e.g. Plan F with 3 jobs). Regardless if the reposted job is unpaid, pending or active, Plan E will again have 1 job left and Plan F is displayed with minus 1 job. After repost, Plan E has 1 job left while Plan F has 2.

JobEngine v2.3 and JE PayPal Express

Major bugs on the payment plan landed in our email last week so we have to make several tweaks on the flow to fix the issues. This time the flow is less complicated but would mean extra work for those who favor how things work before. Our apologies for that.

The primary changes are on the flow of approval and publishing of jobs especially on package plans. So you would easily grasp the whole picture, please take a look at the scenarios of how the process was before and how it is now.

JobEngine v2.2 features Pay-to-View Resumes, JE Coupon and JE Stripe fix issues with WP3.6

Jobseekers got their keys to hide or unhide some details on their profiles with the Anonymous profile feature we released last week. This week’s update, JobEngine v2.2, covers a sweet feature that caters more to the admins. We know many of you have been waiting for this; thanks for your replies on our blog posts. So here comes Pay-to-View Resumes.

The very name implies what the feature is – employers who wish to view resume details will be required to upgrade their account. Of course, it would require payments.

Admins can manage this function with Enable and Disable buttons on Engine Settings > Resumes > Payment.

Everything works the same when this function is disabled – anyone can view resume details. When enabled, all users are still able to view the resume listings but need to upgrade their accounts to view the Resume Detail page.

Just a note: Having an upgraded account doesn’t change how the anonymous profile works.
If a jobseeker sets his profile to anonymous, only companies that received his job application can view his full resume.

The whole Pay-to-View Resumes process – from admins creating a payment plan through employers making payments to admins approving and rejecting upgrade account requests (for Cash payments) – works very similar to that of posting jobs.

JobEngine 2.1 dons Anonymous Profile feature

Last week, we officially launched the Jobseeker Module with a promise of improved features from your insights. JobEngine 2.1 carries the top most demand on the list – more confidentiality on jobseekers’ profile.

“Anonymous” profile feature

This anonymous feature allows a jobseeker to control who sees his profile. To walk-through this feature, logged in as a jobseeker and go to Dashboard > Profile Settings > Privacy.

Jobseeker Privacy Settings – JobEngine, WordPress job board theme, job board software

The Privacy panel provides the Confidential Mode buttons – click Enable to make the profile viewable to only a limited few or hit Disable to make it public.

Anonymous here doesn’t mean that no profile information is visible at all when the resume is displayed in the listings. Though termed as confidential, it doesn’t mean absolute privacy. The note which jobseekers will clearly see on the privacy page explains what data will be hidden.

JobEngine 2.0 sports new Jobseeker Profile

Leveling up to version 2.0, JobEngine sports a home for jobseekers’ profiles with easy-to-setup, quick registration process, and seamless mobile performance features. What’s more? All these new additions come in gorgeous look.

Easy to setup

Getting started with building your jobseeker’s profile hub is like learning the alphabet after you have gotten your bachelor’s diploma. But first things first – upgrade your JobEngine to 2.0. In the admin panel, the Engine Settings menu now includes “Resumes” and when you click on it, it shows the Enable and Disable buttons for the resume section.

Turning on the feature will add a new Resume tab in navigation in the frontend.

The next thing to do is to make sure that this section won’t give you a headache in the future. While still on a fresh start, it’s better to determine how you want the resumes are categorized in your site.

Update: JobEngine v1.1.8

Job posters receive an email when paying by Cash

When you post a job and pay by cash, a notice where to send the payment to appears right after you clicked the Cash button. But it takes only 10 seconds at most to see the note on the screen –perhaps enough time to read the full message. But just when you realize you need to copy the bank account number, Alas!… the message is gone.And once you miss it, the option left to get the account details is to contact the site’s admin.

So we added an email notification to every cash payment.

In backend, you will now see an email template “Sent to employers when they post a job and choose to pay by Cash” added to the list. If you need to modify the content, feel free to make your changes.

Still on emails, we fixed a bug that renders the special characters (- and &) incorrectly. The error occurred on the email subject but you should see the characters as they are by now.

JobEngine releases v1.1.7, fixes issues on Expiry Dates and Payment Plans

As soon as you see the “update to JobEngine version 1.1.7” prompt in the backend, please hit that button – right away. For this version, we solved some major issues related to multiple jobs in a payment plan and expiry dates.

Bug #590:On payment plans with multiple jobs, thesecond job is published Active even if the first job is still unpaid and unapproved.

When a job poster pays using Cash, the first job post displays “unpaid” and has to be approved by the admin (upon payment). Once approved, only then that the second and succeeding jobs included in the plan will be published active.
If the job poster publishes the first and second jobs in a row, the first post displays “unpaid” and the second one displays “pending.” If admin approves the second post, the first post remains non-active. The third and succeeding jobs will be published active upon posting.
Everything works the same as above when admin enabled “Pending Jobs” and job poster pays through Paypal or other payment gateways. If “Pending Jobs” is disabled, all jobs are posted active right away except when paid through Cash method.

Weekly Update: JobEngine v1.1.6 and JE Coupon v1.2

Out of a hundred companies, there might only be one or two which name starts with a number. When one of you notified us that he doesn’t see one of his client companies in the “Companies” page despite having an active job post, we knew we missed something. (Whew! How did we miss this one?)

JobEngine v1.1.6 got some fixes on company names’ display, incorrect texts, number of views of jobs, and more. We also patched some features including the text editor for “Job description” in Post-a-Job page.

On “Companies” page, we added a column for companies with initial numbers on names. We also made an adjustment that will reset to zero the number of views when a job is renewed.

And here’s one that seems trivial but could be a helpful tool in your marketing strategy. Between $1.99 and $2, our minds usually tell us that $1.99 is a lot cheaper when in fact it’s just a cent difference. We fixed that, too, so you can start pricing your payment plans with cents.

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