JE Custom Fields and JE Coupon

It took us some time to finally release what we think are must-have plugins for your JobEngine. Have you visited our Extensions page yet? We currently got five extensions in store and we’re adding two more called JE Custom Fields and JE Coupon.

JE Custom Fields: Personalize your Post-a-Job form

Everyone just loves the idea of personalizing things. Not only it gives one freedom to do what he wants but also speaks of satisfaction that one gets from doing something his heart dictates.

JE Custom Fields has something to do with making the Post a Job form in your JobEngine a personalized one. Besides the default job information fields, are there other job details you need your employers to provide for jobseekers? How about a field for the application submission’s end-period? Length of contract? Work shifts? Surely, employers would like to have them on their job page and jobseekers would want to see those information, too.

Work in progress: JobEngine jobseeker module

Well, we’ve received a lot of requests from our dear customers to support a jobseeker section in JobEngine. Guess what? We’ve actually been working on one since last month!

Although we’re still figuring how things should work and changing them around for the most optimized user experience, the first round of our design work has come down to a notable version and we just can’t wait to reveal to you some parts of it.

Basically, the module inherits the current JobEngine style and strictly follows the simplicity philosophy of EngineThemes. We asked questions and looked for answers under different roles and perspectives. What would job board owners really need when supporting jobseekers in their job boards? More important, what should they need to support? What would employers look for when they’re searching for a qualified candidate? And how would jobseekers want their professional profiles built?

This way of brainstorming makes sure the final design first to be useful for its audience, then to be elegantly clear and clean.

Introducing the EngineThemes Extensions page

Optimized plugins. Great job board solutions. Welcome to EngineThemes’ Extension page!

Call this a fashion store of your EngineThemes’ sites, but mind you, ET extensions are more than mere style. They are necessities as your purchase of every extension explicitly echoes what’s on your head, “I badly need this for my site.”

We’ve been receiving a slew of helpful feedback from our dear customers over time. Many of those feedback contain requests for new features for JobEngine.

Amid these calls, we don’t just implement every requested feature in haste. JobEngine sticks to its value of what a simple and effective job board is. More importantly, we value our customers’ requests by carefully analyzing the ideas and asking ourselves a lot of related, relevant questions.

Well, our existing plugins are the results of combined hard work and critical minds of EngineThemes’ team and our customers. And this is why not everything you want for your website is in this page — only the features well thought out to aid your site achieve greater performance.

Weekly Update: JobEngine v1.1.4

Hang on! It won’t take too long and you’ll see what have tied our heads on. For now, here’s a handful of fixes for JobEngine’s version 1.1.4.

Feature #351: Display warning when there are expired jobs and provide a way for admins to archive them manually
Bug #353: Text field for Website Demonstration becomes unresponsive
Bug #365: Design error: Apply for this Job & Continue button in Post a Job
Bug #379: Company Logo: Display an error message if image size is too big
Bug #386: Image preview in backend is distorted
Bug #389: Language save button should be sticked at the top of the page
Bug #385: Smaller website logo should be kept in its real size & aligned in the middle vertically
Bug #380: Text goes beyond the line when job title is long
Bug #381: IE9: underscore is not visible in the text
Patch #382: Revise text: How to Apply in Edit-this-Job page

Weekly Update: JobEngine v1.1.3

As we are making this “job seeker account” a real thing in JobEngine, this and the coming weeks’ updates won’t be much as you have always expected. There will be modifications in some features but not huge ones, and of course, those bugs that will be taken care of.

For JobEngine v1.1.3, we did four patches to correct some bugs:

1/ We had this issue that when you delete a job category and there are active jobs under it, those jobs are still active when you view it in Jobs or Home page. But the headache starts when you click the Edit button for those jobs – it simply doesn’t respond – and when you check the jobs’ status in the Dashboard, it shows Unpaid and needs to be renewed.

So as not to complicate things, JobEngine has provided an option to select a new job category where to move the jobs to. This works the same for deleting Job Types.

Also please note that if you wish to delete a parent job category, you will need to delete all its sub-categories first before it can be removed.

Weekly Update: JobEngine v1.1.2

If your wish list includes controls to add new jobs and companies from the backend, you may now cross them out of your list –or better yet, write “done.” Many of you have long been waiting for these features and given the easy-ness to do a task from where you always do the admin chores, we perfectly understand why.

Add New Jobs from the Backend

If you are an admin and you want to skip some few clicks in job posting steps such as selecting and processing payment, then this feature works as you wish. However, similar to the Post-a-Job page, only one category and employment type can be chosen for the job. By default, WordPress allows multiple selection of choices in a list but we stick to the default functionality of JobEngine. So what you see in jobs posted from the frontend is also what you get when a job is added from the backend.

Weekly Update: JobEngine v1.1.1

This week is indeed tough for JobEngine and the entire team. Early last week, we were excited that we brought you new great features for your job boards. But those happy hours were too short; we heard that some of your sites crashed while other key features became dysfunctional. So we spent the whole week looking for and fixing those killer bugs.

One major issue that some of you may have encountered was the T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM error which crashed your websites. Well, we provided a hot fix last week to resolve the problem, and it is now included in this latest version.

Another thing is the problem in the JE Indeed and JE RSS Plugins.

The new versions of these two job import plugins got some new features and we’re expecting you will have easier time managing your imported jobs. But unexpectedly, these versions were also greeted with various issues – plugins are not working, job search returns no results, and Delete button is unable to delete selected jobs, among others.

All issues related to JE Indeed and JE RSS should be fixed after you overwrite the old files with the new ones. You may download the latest plugins from your EngineThemes account.

Weekly Update: JobEngine v1.1 and JE Indeed plugin v3.0

We’re always thankful for everything that makes our tasks easier, right? It’s for the same reason that JobEngine is built with easy controls. And it is always our interest that you will use JobEngine with less effort. We bet that developers and JE Indeed users will be especially happy with JobEngine v1.1.

Engine Settings Makeover

It’s an update in the admin menu structure. When you log in to your admin account and hover your mouse on “Engine Settings,” a list of sub-menus is displayed. Click one of them and you’ll get straight to its page. Besides the tabulated sub-menu items display in Engine Settings page, the items are now listed right below the Engine Settings in the control panel and are assigned with unique URLs. Yes, we get rid of using Ajax on this function. So every time you click to go to another menu item, the page is refreshed.

Weekly Update: JobEngine v1.0.9

Whether huge or minute, JobEngine’s updates are always inspired by JE users. What we got for JobEngine v1.0.9 are no exceptions.

Dutch Language

JobEngine was launched having six built-in languages, and today, the seventh – the Dutch – was born. And guess what – the effort of translating is from one of our customers. We’re so grateful.

But here’s the apparent reality –we received the language file a few weeks ago and added it to this version of JobEngine. As you all know, JobEngine has got updates almost weekly and the recent additions we have on the theme came after the translation was made. What we mean is, should you use Dutch for your site, you will need to translate some parts of it on your own.

And since we cater customers with diverse tongues, we’re eyeing to expand the language support for JobEngine. One great way to achieve this, taking the Dutch contributed file as an example, is to welcome contributions from everyone in JobEngine’s community. Collaboration is indeed a good, helpful thing!

Weekly Update: JobEngine v1.0.8

As expected after a long rest, tasks waiting to get completed are in a long list. Since last week, JobEngine team has been working hard so that this latest version of JobEngine is better with fine-tuned location, sidebar, and Internet Explorer-related issues.

Fixed Location Issues

We’ve received not a few complaints about how the map works before. In some cases, you want the “location display” to show the city where the company or job vacancy is located but to your disappointment, the system displays the county or state – and worse, there’s nothing you can do to change it. Now, this whole scenario is changed.

Whether you choose to display or not the company or job’s address, the location field now works as you wish it to. You can provide just the city or city and state or the full address. We have also taken out the “Display as” field below the location box. (Well, without it life is easier. 🙂 )

Weekly Update: JobEngine v1.0.7 and Lunar New Year holiday break

We’ve got news and heads-up for your JobEngine and one really important notice on this update. Just two minutes and you’re through reading this post. Well, roughly two minutes. It could be less or more – depends largely on your reading pace.

New Sidebars

In previous versions, JobEngine allotted two spots for the widgets, the Main Sidebar in the Home page and the Blog Sidebar. But there aren’t only 10 widgets available in WordPress, not to mention the ones we created. With just two locations for them, we realized this congests the two important pages when job boarders choose to include a number of widgets. Moreover, it gives job boarders not much leeway to strategically position the widgets and leave nothing significant unnoticed.

So JobEngine added three more strategic spots for your most needed widgets on the site.

Weekly Update: JobEngine v1.0.6

Flexible Options for Job Application and Payment Plans

Surely our Feature Requests panel is one useful avenue to hear what we’re lacking. Early this month, we have received feedbacks about providing more flexible options for job application and payment plans. Here are some excerpts:

“I think you should offer the ability for a client to buy a time limited subscription where they can post either unlimited or a specific number of jobs for a specific amount of time.”

“Allow the option to redirect to an external URL when the applicant hits Apply.”– Adrian McDonagh

“…You could also just put application instructions in a box where the company could put instructions (whether it’s email or go to a link, etc.). I guarantee if you make this change you will get a spike in sales – because people that know job boards know that this is a must have.”– J Smith

A significant volume of similar feedbacks reached our inbox and chat board, so we knew these features have to be launched in the latest possible version of JobEngine. So here comes JobEngine 1.0.6 with your much requested add-ons.

Not satisfied with your current job board? Get JobEngine now and enjoy 70% discount!

You may have known about the 70% discount program we ran on WPMayor a couple of weeks ago. Yes, it ended already. But here’s the good news – we’re making the offer an official deal in EngineThemes now!

Let us clarify the whole idea a little bit…

We’ve heard not just a few job board operators complained about having purchased a job board that falls short of their much needed features and controls. We can’t blame them – after all that they had invested and gone through.

Building your own job board website is indeed damn exhausting!

Weekly Update: JobEngine v1.0.5

We’re constantly updating JobEngine to provide an excellent user experience. But how does JobEngine team strive to achieve this? Simple. We do the basic addition and subtraction in Math. As necessary, we add features and delimit or subtract some functionality. In our last week’s to-do list, we did both.

We know that many of you have been used to the multi-filter function in Job Categories and Contract Types. And we hope you had gotten only the most out of that feature. Though it’s always great to filter jobs in as many categories and job types as we want, we chose to disable such functionality and opted to apply the single parameter for filters.

JobEngine extensions: JE Indeed v2.0 and JE RSS v1.0

We always want to keep our theme focused and simply effective, so we have thought out that many specific features shouldn’t make it into the theme. However, it’s a fact that some of them would be really helpful for a large number of jobboarders — and failing to support those features will be such a disappointment.

Therefore, we are introducing to you the first EngineThemes extensions: JE Indeed and JE RSS, standard WordPress plugins that extend JobEngine’s abilities. Alternatively, these extensions will do the work of the features that are not part of JobEngine’s main features.

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